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The Kryptonite strain does not stray too far from its superhero element. This particular cannabis is indeed full of power that even if Superman may be real, he may not withstand it. It has a THC content that ranges from 17% to 25% which makes it a great relaxation and sedative rather than making any user weak.

It is Indica-dominant which makes it medically beneficial for people who want to be relieved of body aches, stress and other mental issues in life. Kryptonite does not kill the superhero in users, but instead gives hope to those who have a poor quality of health.

This marijuana wonder was bred by experts from Oaksterdam University in the Bay Area. It is also known to be a cross between Mendocino Purps and Killer Queen.

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One thing to note is that real Kryptonite is clone only so novice cultivators may not find this convenient. If Kryptonite OG rings a bell, well that is a different strain.

Kryptonite Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Mendocino Purps x Killer Queen
Sativa / Indica Ratio 15 / 85
THC % 17% to 25%
CBD % 1.9%
Climate Temperate to Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Late September to early October
Average Yield 350 g/m2 / 650 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Kryptonite is a strain that has an unusual smell. It starts off with a tropical aroma once combusted. There are hints of earthy sweetness with a speck of pungent odor that surfaces after a few puffs. It may be hard to pinpoint this strain’s particular smell, but in general, users love it.

The odd smell speaks differently to how Kryptonite tastes during smoking. The sweetness of grapes or berries clings to the tongue on the exhale. It is what makes this cannabis a pleasurable smoking experience even for beginners.

Kryptonite Odor and Flavors

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It is important to note that Kryptonite’s effects can come on too strong and last long. On that first puff, it creates a powerful buzz on the entire body. This kind of body high also comes with an uplifting feeling which also makes the user feel floating and soaring in the air – which is contrary to the fact that Kryptonite can be a source of weakness for Superman.

Soon, the physical effects of the strain kick in. It results in the users feeling their entire body relaxed. It can also cause many to feel sleepy after an hour or two. If taken in small doses, it may not completely drain the user. If Kryptonite were to be smoked regularly, some find it very helpful in providing inspiration towards artistic activities or even when doing meditation and yoga.

Experts suggest that users must take this strain at night time for total relaxation. It also avoids delays in work or productivity during the day.

Kryptonite Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Like most potent strains in the market, there are some negative effects which are inevitable. Even experienced users have dry eyes and mouth which can be uncomfortable. There are also instances when using too much make anyone, beginner or experienced, dizzy and nauseous.

For people who are predisposed to, or currently have panic and anxiety issues, this strain is not recommended. That is because it is known to cause some to feel paranoid and anxious. Such conditions, if they do occur, is mostly due to exceeding tolerance limits.

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Kryptonite Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Kryptonite is popular for its use on body pains that’s why patients having chronic illnesses prefer this over synthetics. It is effective in alleviating whole-body aches with minimal side effects. This strain provides comfort on those recuperating days at the hospital.

Patients who are depressed or full of anxiety in their lives also benefit from this marijuana strain. It gives a euphoric experience making anyone feeling the blues smile and just be positive. It reduces the symptoms of PTSD and other mental issues.

Insomnia is one problem that people face nowadays. So, having a few puffs of this strain can help a user feel relaxed, sleep and even couch locked. Its sedative effects are prominent that’s why night time use is recommended.

For those who wish to gain weight or who have lost their appetite after a series of radiation and chemical treatments, Kryptonite is the one to go for. It signals the munchies when smoking it and putting on some weight is indeed possible.

Kryptonite Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Kryptonite

This strain might have derived its color from the thing that Superman is terrified about. Kryptonite has emerald green leaves that have frosted crystals. The entire plant looks shiny with a distinct purple, and fuchsia hue interweaved with peach-colored pistils. It has very thick buds that need support as it grows continuously.

This marijuana strain is not picky when it comes to the climate it thrives. It can grow to its peak in a warm or cold environment, be it indoors or outdoors. Since it is clone-only, it is advisable for intermediate growers to handle this plant first.

When growing this plant indoors, lighting and even a growing tent should be used for it to grow up to its maximum. It flowers during 8 to 9 weeks and yields around 350 grams per square meter. This plant can also grow up to 60 cm to 90 cm indoors.

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Outdoors, Kryptonite can tolerate in a temperate, cold or warm climate so growing it is relatively easy. It can grow up to 210 cm and flowers between the months of September to October. This cannabis strain yields approximately 650 grams per plant.

Have you grown or used Kryptonite? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Kryptonite Growing

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