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The Hindu Kush is an incredible Indica strain that is named from where it originated. This particular mountain chain, at 500 miles long, forms the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The word “Kush,” though, is still controversial as it can be traced back to how Persians refer it to as a Hindu killer. But in any case, “Kush” is predominantly used as a word that means weed.

If users are into the gaming world, Hindu Kush is part of the nine strains featured in Hempire. It is a game where players can grow weed, breed unique strains, make friends or enemies and even battle political corruption in the empire a player builds. Aside from just growing it virtually, doing it in the real world is as exciting and challenging as playing.

This marijuana hybrid is considered potent for its high levels of THC which can reach up to 22%. It is fragrant and very calming that’s why a lot of users use it during night time for its sedative effects. It is suited for personal use or in intimate gatherings.

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The Hindu Kush is not only famous for recreational purposes, but it helps those who suffer mental and severe body ailments. It is also noted for its classic heavy-hitting body effects on new and advanced users.

Hindu Kush Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Afghani Indica
Sativa / Indica Ratio 0 / 100%
THC % 15% to 22%
CBD % 0.5%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 7 to 9 weeks / Late October
Average Yield 400 g/m2 / 450 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Hindu Kush is loved by marijuana fans because of its complex and distinct aroma. Upon inhalation, the user can already smell a subtle sweet and earthy aroma which also resembles that of sandalwood. When the plant’s flowers are combusted, there is an intense musky scent that may come on too strong on the nostrils.

As the user exhales, there is that pine and herby taste, but it can also be a bit harsh. Some experience a bit of coughing but a hint of spice makes it tolerable. Its overall taste can be compared with incense tones making it attractive to many people.

Hindu Kush Odor and Flavors

Hindu Kush Odor and Flavors – Image powered by Allbud.com


Since the Hindu Kush is 100% Indica, it is deemed to be a powerful sedative for most users. It is the main reason why this strain is best smoked during night time. It starts with incremental physical relaxation that usually progresses into brain fogginess or clouding of consciousness.

After that mental effect, the user then feels a heavy sensation in the head and limbs and prefers just to stay still. There is that feeling of being couch locked which is common among new users. Even with the urge to do something productive, users ultimately choose to stay lazy on the couch or bed effortlessly.

Though there may be psychedelic effects such as strange tactile sensations or image distortions, most users adore it for calming the mind and the entire body.

Hindu Kush Effects

Hindu Kush Effects – Image powered by Zenpype.com

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Adverse Reactions

Hindu Kush may be a known sedative for most users but its negative effects are not profound. Beginners usually have dry eyes and mouth which can be very uncomfortable. Having a bottle of water is a must when smoking this for the very first time. There are also instances when even experienced smokers have paranoia. Dizziness is also an adverse effect to watch out for. That’s why smoking this in moderate amounts is advised.

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Hindu Kush Adverse Reactions

Hindu Kush Adverse Reactions – Image powered by Topdank.com

Medical Use and Benefits

This marijuana strain works wonders on patients with chronic pain, especially gastrointestinal issues. Being 100% Indica, Hindu Kush is also an excellent sedative helping patients with insomnia if taken in large doses. But again, too much of this particular strain may induce anxiety and paranoia.

The Hindu Kush also alleviates stress, ADD and ADHD among patients. Its calming effects also bring relief to those suffering from nausea and vomiting. For those undergoing radiation and other chemical treatments, this strain helps stimulate appetite in which it combats weight loss during therapy. The strain is indeed a wonder marijuana hybrid that patients love to use to alleviate pain and other issues.

Hindu Kush Medical Use and Benefits

Hindu Kush Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by Agreenercountry.com

Growing Hindu Kush

Growing this particular strain is relatively easy. The Hindu Kush has large green buds that are clustered and very sticky. Most have leaves that have a purple hue due to high concentrations of anthocyanins activated by the cool weather. It usually occurs during the vegetative stage.

The flowers are densely packed and are noted for their resin which has a heavy coating of trichomes that are uniquely silvery white. These flowers are very aromatic and can be easily detected if grown in an enclosed room. As for the height of this plant, it only grows up to 90 cm to 150 cm max.

For growers to cultivate more of this strain outdoors, having a warmer climate is ideal. It may be a bit difficult due to this plant’s variable native climate. For air to circulate freely, growers should trim and cut the low-lying branches. For sunlight to penetrate through, the big and broad leaves may also be trimmed. Outdoors, it flowers during late October and produces about 450 grams per plant.

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Indoors, growers usually find this strain very easy to manage. Keeping the room temperature very warm will be beneficial for the plants. The flowering period of this particular strain indoors takes about 7 to 10 weeks. It yields approximately 400 grams per meter square if it reaches its full growth.

Have you grown or used Hindu Kush? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Hindu Kush Growing

Hindu Kush Growing – Image powered by Cannasos.com

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