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Most recreational, as well as medical users, only recognize two types of cannabis plants. One is the mentally stimulating Sativa, while the other is the physically relaxing Indica. Unknown to many, there is a third type called Ruderalis. On its own, it does not provide the high that recreational users expect. Because of that, many tend to dismiss it as useless. In fact, its name taken from ‘ruderal’ means rough and rubbish.

First uncovered in Russia by botanist D.E Janischevsky in 1924, Ruderalis has since proven to have great potential for medical use. In fact, people have used it for anxiety relief in the Russian and Mongolian region where it is prevalent.

Characteristics and Benefits of Cannabis Ruderalis

The discovery of Ruderalis nearby a river is significant. It shows that this plant can survive in unhealthy soil. Not only that, but it can also tolerate the chilly climate and often harsh weather conditions.

A short plant at only 30cm to 75cm, it has a hard-wearing stance because of its robust stems. It also has short and narrow leaves. In the wild, Ruderalis has shown an uncanny ability to thrive without supervision. It grows fast and mature in as early as seven weeks. However, having a small stature means that its production is limited. Even so, that still makes it an easy plant to cultivate at home if one so wishes.

Characteristics and Benefits of Cannabis Ruderalis

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Apart from its fundamental characteristics, Ruderalis possess a trait that is not found in Sativa or Indica plants.

1. Lack of Psychoactive Compounds

One reason why recreational users and many breeders ignored this plant is due to its low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. In other words, it does not give the high that many people crave.

It may come lacking in THC, but it typically has a high Cannabinoids (CBD) content. Thus, it has immense value in the medical cannabis community.

2. Auto-flowering

Typically, plants rely on light cycle to determine when it is time to bloom. Rudarelis, on the other hand, is unique in that it flowers automatically after a short or virtually non-existent vegetative period.

As growers and enthusiasts know, growing cannabis especially outdoors is dependent on the season. By crossbreeding strains with Ruderalis, some breeders have successfully produced auto-flower seeds. Its value to growers is tremendous because now these plants can be grown virtually all-year round.

3. Resistance to Pests

Ruderalis plants are partly resilient because of the harsh condition in which it grew. It also has compounds that help it ward off insects and some diseases.

At this point, some breeders have been working on side projects with the objective of transferring these traits to strains.

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Cannabis Ruderalis Growing Tips

Growing Ruderalis plants are not much different from other types of cannabis. Understanding its characteristics, therefore, can help the plants achieve optimal growth.

Cannabis Ruderalis Growing Tips

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1. Time

Growers can start any time of the year so as long as it is not freezing. However, for best results, the spring season is an ideal time to begin germinating. During this time, the climate and environmental conditions are at its best, and that includes soil quality, air, and sunlight.

It goes without saying that in areas where the winter season can be problematic, then it is best to cultivate indoors.

2. Place

By nature, Ruderalis plants can adapt to harsh conditions. Even so, providing it with a healthy environment goes a long way in maximizing its potential.

3. Seeds

Purchasing the seeds of Ruderalis is fast and convenient as there are many online vendors. However, it is best to do due diligence first and buy only from a reputable source. These companies can provide not only high-quality seeds but also genuine ones. Unfortunately, there is a proliferation of scammers selling poor-quality or fake seeds.

If possible, buying from a local seed bank with a physical store is the best option as it is possible to do a visual inspection. Although there are recommended guidelines for checking the quality of seeds, there is never a guarantee.

4. Nutrients

Plants need nutrients much like people need food. As such, be prepared to provide the right nutrients throughout its growth from vegetative to flowering stage.

The Value of Cannabis Ruderalis

The Value of Cannabis Ruderalis

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For decades, activists had been pushing for the legalization of cannabis. As more people begin to understand the value of these much-maligned plant, more states and territories are now allowing its use. The stress and pain relieving qualities of cannabis are not lost in the medical community. As such, there is now more research being done to see its efficacy in treating illnesses.

At the forefront of this lobbying are the medical cannabis strains. Often, these are the ones that contain a higher than average amount of CBD. Unknown to many, these hybrids are the result of crossbreeding with Ruderalis plants.

Already, there are CBD drugs such as the ones used to treat seizures and epilepsy. Several studies have also shown promising results in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. As the scientific community learns more, the more valuable these tiny plants become.

For growers, there are not more auto-flower strains available. Even if it were regular or feminized seeds, some have become more resistant to diseases. All these are the benefits that many people fail to see. Ruderalis plants are tiny, but their value is immeasurable.

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