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Slazerbeam is an eye-catching strain. Its buds exhibit a multitude of colors that range from burnt orange hairs, muted green hues, and flashes of purples. Each are dense, huge, and taper off on each end. Coating it is a thick coat of sparkling trichomes, alluding to its potency of at least 20% THC.

A bowl of Slazerbeam buds delivers a rush of energy throughout the body. It clears the mind first, improving the mood and uplifting spirits. It raises motivation so users work productively on tasks. Although, one may also use it with like-minded friends. After the initial passes, it continues to invigorate enthusiasts and it may even persist after the sessionends.

Slazerbeam Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Super Lemon Haze x Gupta Kush
Sativa/Indica Ratio 70 / 30
THC % 20%
CBD % Unknown
Climate Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 7 to 9 weeks / Late September to mid-October
Average Yield 300 to 350 g/m2 / 350 g/plant

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Odor and Flavors

Slazerbeam has an earthy aroma with zesty overtones of lemons. Its invigorating scent translates to its smoke as well. Its sweet flavors coat the tongue with its fruity palate. On the exhale, it leaves an aftertaste of wet soil and skunk.


Slazerbeam is a potent strain with laser-quick effects. Within minutes, it delivers a quick-acting buzz that instantly perks up one’s day. It clears away worries that cause chaotic thoughts with its rush of euphoria.

Slazerbeam Strain Effects

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The behavioral change is instantly noticeable. It uplifts the mood and inspires a sense of happiness. Smiles lighten the face especially as its invigorating citric smoke tantalizes the senses. If anything, the mental resolve renews motivation.

A light pressure creeps in between the temples. It oozes down to the rest of the body like a wave of relaxation surging through the muscles. Replacing the heaviness that tires users out is a buzz of energy that turns one limber. With the initial head high, one can work through tasks for hours like a well-oiled machine.

With that said, Slazerbeam is best reserved for morning or afternoon use. Its head high encourages users to stay productive throughout the day. Used at night, or beyond personal tolerance to THC, it can keep one awake throughout the night.

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Adverse Reactions

Experiencing dry eyes and a cottonmouth is typical for many cannabis users. It is mild but the discomfort can be long-lasting. Thankfully, downing a few glasses of water, staying hydrated, and avoiding caffeinated or alcoholic drinks will ease the dryness. Anxiety and paranoia are two other reactions to Slazerbeam. Apart from overconsumption, one’s disposition before the high also matters. It would be better to avoid the smoking in such cases.

Medical Use and Benefits

Slazerbeam is not only an impressive recreational bud but also an effective medicinal strain. Its cannabinoids deliver a restorative high that starts from head to toe. Through it, many patients have found a reprieve from its therapeutic benefits.

Slazerbeam Strain Medical

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Its ability to improve the mood uplifts tired spirits and turns bad days around. It diminishes the side effects of chronic stress which can exacerbate health issues or lead to its early onset. Among its positive effects is managing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues like PTSD. It temporarily helps the mind forget of the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, worry, and irritability. However, long-term treatment is better found with a professional.

Its psychoactive compound also has potent analgesic properties that relieve pain and aches all over the body. Its soothing qualities also appeases inflammation, reduces the appearance of redness, and relieves swelling. In doing so, it prevents the muscles from contracting or delivering pain signals to the brain.

Growing Slazerbeam

Slazerbeam is a unique strain. It has the lanky structure of a Sativa, thin and tall. However, its branches are not. Instead, it is thicker compared to other varieties and is also sturdier. Moreover, it is a heavy feeder that requires extra micronutrients.

Apart from its sturdy structure, its ease of growth is also attributed to its resistance to multiple growing conditions. It grows big outdoors, especially as it soaks up the sunlight. Spacing it evenly will allow it to spread its roots better. It produces 350 grams of buds per plant around the last week of September to the middle of October.

Topping is essential when cultivating Slazerbeam indoors. As alluded to earlier, it is a tall plant which can potentially cramp the growing space. It also encourages horizontal growth with multiple colas. Keeping it short will ensure better air and light circulation among the lower nodes, as well as induce the flowering period.

It works best with the Screen of Green method. Not only will the setup manage its height, it will also encourage higher yields. Growers will need to install a screen above the current canopy then weave the branches into the net. This will distribute light evenly to the different budding sites and encourage bud growth.

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The indoor flowering phase is as short as 7 to 9 weeks. Each square meter yields between 300 to 350 grams of buds once fully mature. The nugs are usually dense like an Indica’s but with the tropical-flavored terpene profile of a Sativa.

Have you grown or used the Slazerbeam strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

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