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Cannabis strains are like rock stars. Already, so much has been publicized about famous musicians and their ‘happy-go-lucky’ lifestyle. In a similar sense, the strain Rockstar brings users to new realities with its beautiful mental and body high.

A second placer in the 2012 hybrid category Cannabis Cup, this plant is noted for its medical benefits for patients. Bred by Bonguru Beans, this hybrid is a perfect cross between Soma A+’s Rockbud and Paradise Seeds’ Sensi Star. It is Indica-dominant cannabis that comes with a royal pedigree.

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So, what is in store for the users? Since it does not creep on any user, Rockstar can be smoked once work or duty is done. So preferably, evening use is best. It is loved for its relaxing and pain-killing properties that helps flush the blues away.

Rockstar Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Rockbud x Sensi Star
Sativa / Indica Ratio 30 / 70
THC % 15% to 20%
CBD % 0.01% to 0.06%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Mid-October
Average Yield 250 g/m2 / 450 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Rockstar is a pungent and skunky smelling strain that may be loved or not by different people. It is exotic in the sense that it has a sweet and spicy note blending with its earthy fragrance and herbal flavor. Upon exhalation, it leaves a distinct taste of grape.


Rockstar is a great cannabis which starts off with a cerebral high that puts the senses to focus. Its uplifting effects pretty much takes away the worries. As its intensity builds, it brings users to elation.

Soon, it a mellow buzz ebbs down the body. Once its physical effects kick in, it does so with a sudden rush that leaves users in a state of complete relaxation. It is not numbing but potent enough to cause a couch-lock.

One of the best things about Rockstar is that used in moderation, the body may feel heavy, but users can get up if they want to eat especially when considering that its psychoactive properties do stimulate the appetite.

However, users who end up using a bit more than enough may find themselves asleep without even realizing it.

Rockstar Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Rockstar is a potent strain which is not free of cannabis side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes. About the only thing one can do is to stay hydrated. In some instances, it is possible for some people to feel dizzy.

Also, some people reported feeling a little anxious or paranoid. As such, it is best to use well within limits. For those who may be more susceptible to such conditions, then perhaps it is better to look for another strain.

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Rockstar Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Rock those bad vibes away by smoking this potent strain. One of the many reasons why people turn to this cannabis is that it can pummel stress to non-existence.

As stress is a top problem among people, having a hectic lifestyle usually leads to deteriorating health. And not being able to cope with it makes it hard for people to go on with life. That’s why a puff or two of Rockstar helps eliminate the stressor for the time being.

People with depression and other related illnesses may benefit from the uplifting effects of Rockstar. As it does induce total body relaxation, it gives a reprieve from an otherwise miserable state of mind.

Another use of the strain is in pain relief. In particular, this is especially beneficial to people who are enduring aches due to chronic illnesses.

Rockstar Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Rockstar

Most cultivators love to grow this cannabis inside the house for two reasons: prying neighbor’s eyes and pungent odor. But if these things are not a problem, Rockstar can grow outside the garden with no fuss. So how to make the home cannabis garden rock?

This cannabis is a visually striking plant that has super dense dark olive buds. The leaves appear fat with very chunky nugs. Rockstar grows into a multi-branch plant going as tall as 180 centimeters. Novice and veteran cultivators can manage in planting this cannabis because it is not finicky.

Rockstar loves to grow indoors and thrives best if using hydroponics. It can also do well using the Sea of Green method. As for its pungent scent, installing an odor-control filter should take care of that. The indoor flowering period is 8 to 9 weeks. Once mature, growers can pick up to 250 grams per square meter.

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Outdoors, Rockstar will grow well in dry and warm climate. It should enter flowering phase at the start of October. Each plant is expected to produce up to 450 grams of buds.

Have you grown or used Rockstar? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Rockstar Growing

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