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In the real world, Cuvée is a special type of wine blended ‘for delicious purposes’ however, it can be easily applied to a marijuana bud of the same name. It has a sweet and sour blend that entice the senses along with tantalizing hints of cherries. A whiff or puff of its smoke coats the palate in its delicious flavors while gently kneading the body with its heavy-hitting high.

Of course, nothing short is expected of the organoleptic offspring of two exquisite parents. Its fruity undertones, as well as distinct head high, is an influence of Space Queen which takes users on a journey to the stars. It also from the trippy strain that it gained its copious trichome production. Adding its luxurious hue and taste is the clone-only Pinot Noir, which boosted Cuvée’s Indica effects.

Cuvée Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Pinot Noir x Space Queen
Sativa/Indica Ratio 30/70
THC % 18% to 21%
CBD % Up to 1%
Climate Dry and sunny climate
Flowering Period 7 to 9 weeks / Late September to mid-October
Average Yield 400 to 450 g/sqm / 600 to 650 g/plant

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Odor and Flavors

Cuvée has a pungent profile that further intensifies once the buds are broken apart or combusted. Its scent is reminiscent of freshly picked fruits with strong hints of cherry and wet soil. Combusting and drawing in its smoke reveals its sweet undertone of chocolate. On the exhale, it leaves an aftertaste of woody pine.


Cuvée is a wonderful recreational strain. It delivers an uplifting high that, once it sets, leaves users feeling happy from within. A behavioral change is usually noticeable around 15 minutes after first two to three puffs. Smiles broaden as the uplifting buzz enhances the mood. At the same time, it boosts confidence among enthusiasts. Hence, it should come as no surprise that some may become a little more talkative than usual.

Cuvée Strain Effects

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Having snacks prepared ahead of time is a must when using Cuvée. After all, the subtle mental stimulation also invigorates the appetite. With food nearby or at least an arm’s length away, users need not worry about having to go to the kitchen when the body high hits.

After about an hour or two, a light pressure ebbs down from the temples. Gentle at first, it gradually intensifies as it moves through the muscles. Untying knots and releasing tightness is a wave of relaxation that brings back one’s initial limberness. Like a well-oiled machine, users move freely without being held back by tension.

Although it is heavy-hitting, Cuvée can be used at any time of the day. It does not leave users feeling drowsy. Instead, the stress-crushing buzz it provides is what motivates users to pursue some light tasks related to a passion project or object of interest.

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Adverse Reactions

Dryness in the eyes and the mouth are two typical reactions to smoking marijuana. It is the result of cannabinoids interfering with moisture production in the body however, it is mild and temporary. Still, users may down a few glasses of water to mitigate the parchedness.

A more uncommon reaction to smoking Cuvée is greening out. It is characterized by high levels of anxiety that can develop into a subtle feeling of paranoia as it continues to persist. Apart from being the result of overconsumption, it can also be triggered by one’s disposition before the high. In such cases, it is best to avoid the strain overall.

Medical Use and Benefits

Cuvée is a deliciously tantalizing strain that perks the senses with its scent alone. Through the same cannabinoids that produce its flavor profile, terpenes, it provides a myriad of health benefits. Alongside its THC and CBD, it delivers a therapeutic head-to-toe high that provides a reprieve against both mental and physical afflictions.

Cuvée Strain Medical

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Its uplifting head high, for example, does wonders against stress. It effectively calms the overwhelming dread through a soothing euphoria. Similarly, it also slows down the fast-paced, as well as self-depreciating, thoughts that anxiety triggers. Because of this, it is not only a great stress reliever but also an effective anti-depressant that manages symptoms of depression and other mental health issues like PTSD.

The Indica also delivers a tranquilizing physical buzz that appeases various types of aches and pains. It also has a relaxing effect on the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, it reduces turbulence in the stomach that can lead to involuntary vomiting. Hence, cancer patients undergoing through the nauseating effects of chemotherapy. Meanwhile, its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and swelling which are quite painful left unattended.

Growing Cuvée

Although leaning only slightly toward Indica, Cuvée manifests majority of its characteristics. It is sturdy with branches and stalks that are thick enough to withstand strong winds. At the same time, it has a natural resistance to the cool weather of the northern hemisphere. Because of this, it is a great beginner’s strain.

Cuvée Strain Growing

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Of course, one should not leave Cuvée in gardens or farms alone. Users need to protect it against harsh weather such as heavy rains which can break it in half or the snow of an early winter which can lead to its demise overnight. A temporary enclosing should suffice for protection. With that said, it usually matures between the last week of September to the middle of November. Growers can expect the plant to produce at least 600 to 650 grams of buds.

Indoors, the flowering period is as short as 7 to 9 weeks with each square meter producing at least 400 to 450 grams of buds. Controllable environments offer a lot of advantages such as the ability to adjust lighting, temperature, and humidity to suit its current growing stage. It will need to be pruned often though. Otherwise, its dense foliage will accumulate moisture that eventually turns into mold or mildew.

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Growers may increase yields by manipulating the plant through either the Sea or Screen of Green method. The former requires placing more in a single square meter while the latter places more energy in providing even light distribution. Either way, each training technique improves bud production as well as light and air distribution.

Have you grown or used the Cuvée strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

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