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Using cannabis is yet another life adventure for first-timers. For some, it could be purely recreational and influence of peers. As for others, it could also be due to medical reasons. Regardless of the reasons behind, the ultimate goal is to have fun, or at the very least, find comfort.

As a beginner, it is understandable that there is limited knowledge on cannabis. Some may have heard of bits and pieces of information. Often, this could also include misperceptions and even negative connotations. On the flip side, it could also be false claims and testimonies. As such, to have the best experience using cannabis for the first time, it is best to have a rudimentary knowledge.

Before Using Cannabis

Of course, the first thing that one must consider is the legality of its use. Having mentioned that, it is important to note that this article nor the site does not encourage breaking the law. Instead, this material is for educational purposes only.

Although many states and territories around the world are warming up to legalization, the fact remains that it remains mostly prohibited. In more ways than one, people who live in places where it is legal are fortunate. Not only is there no hindrance to enjoying its psychedelic high, but most importantly, those in need have an alternative for alleviating both mental and physical pains and aches.

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Mental or Physical High

Primarily, the effects of cannabis can be categorized as mental or physical. Not surprisingly, this is also due to the psychoactive compounds found in two types of plants – Sativa and Indica.

1. Mental High

Cannabis strains that are mostly Sativa stimulate the mind. The psychedelic high it induces often make users feel euphoric. Consequently, it ushers in the sense of happiness. Even as it enhances the mood, it also promotes mental clarity, sharper focus, and may even inspire creative thoughts.

While some strains are gentle, others may be intense. Mostly, it is due to the amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) it contains. There was a time when 15% was unheard of, but in the last decades, breeders have focused on developing new plants with much higher content. Today, many can and do exceed 20%. In essence, the higher it is, the more potent it also is.

2. Physical High

The other type of cannabis, Indica, is mostly responsible for the body high. Mainly, it induces relaxation. Depending on the potency of the strain, it can be mild, or it could make people feel lazy and want to do nothing but chill. In extreme cases, it can have sedative-like effects as well as cause one to feel lethargic.

Apart from THC, most Indica plants also have a higher concentration of

Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive relaxing compound that acts as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Indica strains induce relaxation by soothing aching muscles and reducing inflammation. Not only does it help with lessening or eliminating stress, but it also helps reduce pains and other physical discomforts. In most cases, too, it promotes a better quality of sleep.

Cannabis does not have to be purely Sativa or Indica. In fact, most strains available today are hybrids containing both genetics. Also, there is a third type of cannabis called Ruderalis. Its use among recreational users is rare due to low THC. Depending on the variety, some do contain high CBD, which is beneficial for medical use.

Cannabis Delivery Methods

Having a rudimentary knowledge of cannabis, the next thing to know is how to use it. While most people know of the first method, there are two others too.

1. Inhalation

Rolling Papers. People who use cannabis are most familiar with crushed herbs rolled in paper. There are two types. Joints are rolled in papers made of hemp, bamboo, or rice. Blunts, on the other hand, is rolled on papers made from tobacco plants and contains nicotine.

Hand Pipes. Besides rolling papers, there are devices that people can use to enjoy cannabis. The most popular are hand pipes mainly due to its small size and portability. Not to mention, it comes in different styles, and some are cleverly disguised. Although elaborate in appearance, its operation is simple. Typically, it involves drawing smoke into a chamber after combusting the herbs before inhaling.

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Water Pipes. Bongs and bubblers are perhaps the most complex and best way to use cannabis. Its operation is almost the same as hand pipes except for two things. Smoke passes through water for cooling down and filtration. It also goes through percolator(s) to break its particles smaller. For further cooling, some have ice notches to hold ice cubes. The experience it provides is unparalleled and so much easier on the throat than rolling papers or using hand pipes.

Vaporizers. One of the reasons for the soaring popularity of e-cigarettes is that it lessens the harmful compounds from smoking. That is also the same for using cannabis. These devices can generate enough heat to extract cannabinoids including THC and CBD. However, it is not enough to cause the release of possibly harmful toxins. About the only drawback to using vaporizers is that strains lose most of the flavors.

2. Oral

Edibles. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about oral delivery methods is eating or ingesting. In essence, it is consuming food that contains cannabis. While the onset of the effects come much later, once it does, it is often more pronounced or intense than any form of inhalation delivery methods.

Tinctures. Oral delivery is not limited to eating food laced with cannabis. It can also be the liquid extracts that people can ingest. Usually, this is done by placing a few drops (three or four) under the tongue. Generally, it is deemed to be safer than smoking in that it has less of the harmful chemical compounds.

Ingestible Oils. These are tar-like substances that look like oil. In many ways, it is the middle ground of ingesting as food or using tinctures. It may have the same consistency as oil, but they are easily ingested and digested.

3. Topical

Unlike inhalation or oral delivery methods, topical administration of cannabis does not have any benefit for recreational users. These are decarboxylated oils that activate the cannabinoids. Once applied, it is absorbed by the body. It does not induce any form of psychedelic high but instead is mainly used for pain alleviation.

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Using Cannabis Safely

At no time should one on a psychedelic high drive a car. In fact, cannabis users should also avoid drinking alcohol as it can have unexpected effects.

It is best to use cannabis on a day when there is nothing else to do and right in the comfort of the home, or a friend’s house for that matter.

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People differ in tolerance to cannabis. For example, given the same exact strain and amount used, one may feel the effects way more or less than the next person. Until one has had experience is well aware of how the body reacts, there is only one rule when using cannabis for the first time. Use only a small amount and preferably with someone who has had the experience to act as a guide.

Getting Cannabis for Use

Some people live in places where it is easy to obtain cannabis while most others are in areas where it is prohibited. Even so, there are ways to get some for personal use. Not that the site is encouraging such activity though. As such, it is best to check the legality of possessing and using cannabis before even thinking of trying it out.

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In the Netherlands, the United States, and some other countries, there are dispensaries where one can buy the flowers. There are also ‘coffee shops’ where one can go to and use it in a friendly atmosphere. Some people can also choose to cultivate cannabis inside the house.

Using Cannabis Is a Choice

Using cannabis for the first-time is both scary and exciting. It is also a choice and should never be because of peer pressure. While the reasonable expectation is an enjoyable experience, there may also be unexpected results. For that reason, having a seasoned user to act as a guide is extremely helpful.

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Going on a psychedelic high is not about being different or being a cool person. Rightfully, it is a means to feel good for recreational or medical purposes. Instead of plunging in without thinking, arming one’s self with sufficient knowledge first is a step towards using it safely. Only then can the best of its benefits be realized as a first time user.

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