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The is a long list of cannabis strains for users to choose. Often, marijuana varies in size, scent, flavor, effects, and growing difficulty. As it turns out, all the favorable traits among the mentioned factors are present in Cherry Kush. As a result, both recreational and medical cannabis users keep coming back for more of this strain. It also helps that it comes with an appetizing aroma besides its heavy-hitting effects.

The origin of this strain is not precise because to date; its breeder remains unknown. However, the consensus belief is that it is a cross between Purple Afghani and OG Kush.

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Purple Afghani is a mostly Indica plant that comes with, as its name suggests, a purple hue. OG Kush, on the other hand, needs no introduction to fans of cannabis anywhere in the world. Besides taking some of the most notable traits of its parent strains, there is also another reason for its name Cherry Kush. The plant produces beautiful green buds with thick, shiny trichomes that are reminiscent of cherry pie.

Cherry Kush Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Purple Afghani x OG Kush
Sativa / Indica Ratio 30 / 70
THC % 17% to 23%
CBD % 0.55% to 0.68%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Early to mid-October
Average Yield 450 g/m2 / 500 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

The name of the strain is a teaser. Once the container is opened, the Cherry Kush emits a pungent scent of fresh earth that is reminiscent of its OG lineage. It comes with the sweet smell of cherry that makes it truly a delight. As its fragrance carries over to its taste, the smooth smoke also comes with a hint of citrus.

Cherry Kush Odor and Flavors

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After such a tiring day, it is always best to put the mind and the body at ease. For cannabis users, the best strain to smoke when capping a day is an Indica dominant strain such as Cherry Kush.

In the beginning, the strain delivers a mild cerebral buzz. It results in users feeling uplifted very happy. Often, it also helps users have a clear mind and may even have a sharper focus. Hence, if there are a few more things to do, then it should not be a problem.

Soon, though, the potent effects of its Indica side creep into the body. It begins by releasing tension and soothe aching muscles. While early on, it is likely that users may feel motivated and energetic, deep body relaxation sets in but not to the point of sedation. Use too much, though, and it may lead to a couch-lock. One of the beauties of using Cherry Kush is that even as it leaves people in a state of bliss, it does not cause a foggy mind.

After an hour or two, most people also tend to feel very sleepy. Because of that, Cherry Kush is an excellent night time strain.

Cherry Kush Effects

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Adverse Reactions

The effects of Cherry Kush may be fulfilling, but it does not mean that it doesn’t come with adverse effects. Besides the usual dry mouth and eyes, there are also a few other conditions that may occur.

One is feeling a little bit paranoid. Hence, people who are predisposed to this condition may want to take it easy with its use. Other reactions include feeling dizzy or having a mild headache.

Although most of the conditions are mild if they do occur, it becomes more pronounced when people use more than adequate or exceed their tolerance.

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Cherry Kush Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Cherry Kush is an excellent addition to the list of strains that provides superior medical uses. Because it comes with a high THC, it is mostly the psychoactive properties that are responsible for bringing comfort to people in need.

An early effect of using the strain is the euphoric mental buzz that it induces. Feeling happy and uplifted is not only for the recreational users. More importantly, people undergoing severe stress or having problems dealing with emotions and thoughts such as those with depression can also benefit from it. The heavy-hitting physical effects of the strain not only reduce muscle spasms, but it can also help numb chronic pains and aches.

Since users are likely to fall asleep, then it is an excellent choice of strain that people can use to fall asleep. In particular, it helps people suffering from illness rest and insomniacs get to visit the elusive dreamland.

Cherry Kush Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Cherry Kush

Cherry Kush thrives well in different kinds of environments. It may be grown in both an indoor and outdoor setting as well as in a greenhouse. While there is no reason for fast-learning beginners not to cultivate the plant successfully, a little prior experience is more likely to produce optimal potency and yield.

Indoor, the plant thrives well especially when growers use the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScOG) training methods. Using soil as a medium should preserve it flavors better but hydroponics results in a more explosive growth. Growers can trigger the flowering phase in 8 to 9 weeks. Under 600 watts of lighting, the plant can produce up to 450 grams per square meter.

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Outdoors, Cherry Kush loves plenty of sunshine in an environment that has a temperature range of 21 to 16 degrees Celsius. Often, it starts to flower in the first week of October. Under the care of experts, each plant can produce at least 500 grams of buds.

Have you grown or used Cherry Kush? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Cherry Kush Growing

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