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One of the community’s top cannabis wonders, Blue Magoo provides an enchantingly relaxing experience that is a trademark of an indica-dominated strain since back in the 1990s. The high comes in soothing waves and physical tension slackens as users dip their toes in what feels like the warm and relaxing waters of the world-renowned Blue Lagoon.

Thanks to the unlikely crossing of Major League Bud and DJ Short Blueberry, users no longer have to cruise far in order to experience luxury. Rather, an uplifting and sedative buzz from Major League Bud allow users a chance for some lazy fun.

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Furthermore, DJ Short Blueberry adds a tropical twist to the high, not only in flavor but in its ability to produce ebbs of euphoria as well calm the body and mind. Indeed, just one bowl of this ganja can guarantee a holistic experience.

Blue Magoo Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Blueberry x Major League Bud (William’s Wonder)
Sativa / Indica Ratio 40% / 60%
THC % 16% to 21%
CBD % 0.2%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 7 to 8 weeks / Early October
Average Yield 350 g/m2 / 500 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Upon grinding, Blue Magoo permeates a warm aroma that is similar to pouring a deep, blueberry wine. A sweet and slightly tart fragrance swirls at the forefront, but it mingles with hints of rose, jasmine and some nuances of vanilla at the base. On the inhale, it tastes like biting into a freshly-baked blueberry pie and exhales a delicious and mildly pungent smoke.

Blue Magoo Odor and Flavors

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Blue Magoo boasts of strongly physical effects, but just like any first dates, it starts with a cerebral ice breaker that stimulates feelings of happiness and euphoria. Such lifted spirits are only the tip of the iceberg though as an instant relaxation passes over in a narcotic fashion, something that is usually unexpected from an indica. With a generous THC content of 16% to 21%, novice smokers may ease themselves with a low dosage of this strain.

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Without any physical or mental stress to press users’ time, each whiff feels like everything slows down. However, despite its easygoing and sedative high, users are still able to perform creative tasks.

The inspiring buzz may not be strong enough to produce a masterpiece though, but users may find a deeper appreciation to music, films and other artistic ventures. As the high wears on, drowsy effects intensify and the mind starts to shift to a hazy dream. Because of how it quickly spills over to sleepiness, Blue Magoo is a go-to strain for laidback evenings.

Blue Magoo Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Blue Magoo boasts of positive and wholesome effects, but there are a few bumps in the road to the paradise it promises. A mild case of dryness in the mouth and eyes manifest, but this dehydration is easily resolved by drinking lots of refreshments – alcohol is, of course, not included.

To those with low tolerance to THC, some bolder effects such as paranoia coupled with anxiety and dizziness may take place. Thankfully, such alarming reactions fade away quickly but can also be avoided if users start with a low dosage.

Blue Magoo Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

For medical patients who wish to use sleep as an escape from their daily grind, Blue Magoo acts as the gateway to a wondrous and relaxing evening. As mentioned, its onset offers a mild cerebral kick. While it isn’t as strong as other strains, it’s enough to push users’ mood to the right direction.

Because of this, patients with depression, anxiety and PTSD will find their way to inner peace. Soon after, its anti-inflammatory feature grabs the scene and soothes conditions like muscle spasms, chronic migraines, joint and back aches.

As it tapers off to a sleepiness that is hard to resist, even insomniacs will be lulled to a deep and restorative sleep.

Blue Magoo Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Blue Magoo

Blue Magoo is a clone-only strain and as such, it may require a green thumb for the plant to grow to its full potential. Once it is handled with expertise hands, it rewards growers with a bountiful harvest that will have a year full of stash.

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Furthermore, it grows a short and bushy structure with lateral branches that may require constant pruning. Broad fan leaves have the tendency to block light from reaching lower nodes, which is why it’s important to top off the crops.

Growers who are looking to grow it indoors should expect a short flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks with a yield of 350 grams per square meter. Meanwhile, outdoor cultivation will require a warm and dry climate. If properly met, it can be harvested by early October with a generous yield of 500 grams per plant.

Have you grown or used Blue Magoo Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Blue Magoo Growing

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