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Named Ogre, one might think that the strain is incredibly potent and thus, overwhelming. Although it does possess an insane amount of THC, the reality is that the breeder picked its name due to the massive size of buds it produces as well as its high yield.

The original breeder of Ogre is unknown, but the consensus is that it is a phenotype of a multi-awarded strain. Sensi Star, bred by Paradise Seeds, is known for its heavy-hitting Indica effects. Besides inducing deep relaxation, it also delivers a not so subtle cerebral experience.

It is necessary to understand Sensi Star to get to know Ogre. In the world of cannabis, Sensi Star has achieved legendary status. A fact that is attested by its having won the High Times Cannabis Cup, not once but several times. Such feat is truly rare and not any different from Ogre, a one of a kind phenotype of Sensi Star.

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However, looking for the original Ogre may prove to be a challenge. That is because of other strains that go by the same name. For instance, there is one variant bred from (Short Term Amnesia x Hindu Kush) and Durban Skunk. Another is a cross between Master Kush and Bubba Kush.

Ogre Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Sensi Star Phenotype
Sativa / Indica Ratio 30% / 70%
THC % 15% to 22%
CBD % 0.2%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Early October
Average Yield 300 to 400 g/m2 / 400 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Imagine walking on the edge of a rainforest one early morning. With each step, take in the scent of the surrounding. The earthy freshness is the same as the odor that Ogre emits. At the same time, it comes with a skunky note. Much of the strain’s fragrance carries over to its taste. Adding contrast to its flavor is a mild hint of lemon.

Ogre Odor and Flavors

Ogre Odor and Flavors – Image powered by Cannasos.com


The mythical ogre is a monster that is not to be messed around with or else. The same is true with the strain as it does come with a high THC content. In other words, it is a very potent strain that can overwhelm users especially when smoking a little bit too much.

Contrary to popular belief, the sight of an ogre is not one to cause a panic. Instead, it is a time for celebration. In fact, this joyous event is marked by the intense cerebral euphoria that its users feel at its onset.

Ogre is an excellent mood enhancer. It does not only uplifts users but also induces happiness to set in. For some people, the reinvigorating ‘high’ of the strain can even cause arousal. Before anyone thinks that this is the holy grail of bedroom fun, there is the matter of the physical effects that creep in.

While the Sativa side of the strain promotes intense cerebral effects, the Indica traits that follow induces a numbing physical high. The sedative-like properties of Ogre do not manifest itself at the beginning. But once it kicks in, it does so without warning. As the full-body relaxation takes over, users are often left glued to the couch.

Ogre Effects

Ogre Effects – Image powered by Medicaljane.com

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Adverse Reactions

Ogre causes some adverse effects that may cause some discomfort to its users. Hence, it is not the easiest strain to handle. For instance, users have reported having a headache with its use. In some cases, it has also caused a few people to feel a little more anxious or even paranoid.

The best way to avoid these adverse reactions is to use only a small amount. However, even with moderate use, some people may still experience other side effects. For example, dry mouth and eyes are very common occurrences with the use of cannabis.

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Ogre Adverse Reactions

Ogre Adverse Reactions – Image powered Archive.theweedblog.com

Medical Use and Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Ogre is an exceptional mood-enhancer. For people who are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, it means that the strain can take the burden away. Besides relieving people of stress, the cerebral euphoria wipes out negative thoughts. As a result, depressed people can focus on positivity instead of wallowing in pity.

Ogre can provide comfort to people suffering from chronic illnesses. The sedating properties of the strain not only induce full body relaxation but it can also act as a pain reliever. Because users often end up feeling lazy, it does not take long before drowsiness sets in. Thus, it is beneficial to patients who are having a hard time sleeping and those who need to rest.

Medical Use and Benefits

Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by Zenpype.com

Growing Ogre

Ogre is quite versatile in that it may thrive in indoor and outdoor environments. It is also quite resilient as it seems to tolerate small mistakes. Also, it is quite resistant to one of the most common pests – spider mites. The reward comes later during harvest as it produces an abundant yield.

Outdoors, the best environment for Ogre is warm with ample shading. Growers can also consider using 3 to 5 gallons of soil in raised beds. Flowering time occurs in the first week of October and once ready; each plant should have a yield of 400 grams or more.

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Ogre can be sensitive to climate changes. Hence, growers should consider cultivating it indoors where temperature and other environmental factors can be controlled. Moreover, the plant is highly adaptable to either the Sea of Green and Screen of Green training techniques. Either method results in faster growth and higher yields. Flowering time indoors is 7 to 8 weeks, with each square meter producing 300 to 400 grams of buds.

Have you grown or used Ogre? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Ogre Growing

Ogre Growing – Image powered by Ireadculture.com

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