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Enjoying immense popularity since its introduction in the cannabis market in the 70s, marijuana fans still can’t get enough of DJ Short’s Blueberry. Created by the Willy Wonka of weeds himself, three landraces where used to breed this delight. To give users a euphoric experience, he used the exotic Thai and Purple Thai. Then, he also mixed in some legendary Afghani goodness to assure deep body relaxation. Growers must also thank the latter for bestowing its robust structure.

This variant is Indica-dominant with a huge load of THC. As such, getting stoned with this kicker is sure to be mentally euphoric. Just imagine getting the most easing massage while lounging in a paradisiacal expanse. Heavenly in every way, there’s no trouble to disrupt one’s moment of serenity.

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Robust and resilient, this variety thrives well in almost all kinds of set up. Growing it in an optimal indoor setting, though, allows one to achieve maximum yield. Of fluffy foliage, growers may need some amount of skill and experience to handle this baby.

DJ Short Blueberry Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Phenotype of Blueberry (Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai)
Sativa / Indica Ratio 20/80
THC % 15% to 22%
CBD % 0.1%
Climate Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 8 to 10 weeks / October
Average Yield 400 to 600 g/m2 / 600 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Cannabis connoisseurs with a sweet tooth absolutely love Blueberry. Considered as one of the best-smelling strains ever, it does emit the scent of its namesake fruit. That’s not all the weed has to offer, though. Breaking apart the bud also releases a sweet fruity and earthy vanilla aroma. Meanwhile, combusting it makes the fragrance even stronger.

Once the fume enters the mouth, users get to have a feast-for-the-senses kind of experience. More like a dessert than a weed, it’s blend of flavors is to die for. With just one toke, one gets to taste the sweetness of blueberry and other berries. The citrusy oomph of lemon and the sweetness of vanilla are also present. Then, just when the toker thinks the palate party has ended, a bit of spiciness will also tingle the tongue.

DJ Short Blueberry Odor and Flavors

DJ Short Blueberry Odor and Flavors – Image powered by


A one-hit-quit type of strain, just a little bit of Blueberry goes a long, long way. Seasoned users who crave for the ultimate relaxation may easily get one with just a small bowl. Needless to say, insistent novice tokers must proceed at their own risk.

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Perfect for capping off a taxing work day, Blueberry is the go-to strain to ease all the stress away. The experience starts with an intense euphoria. Then, uncontrollable fits of laughter will soon follow. One will feel uplifted like they’ve grown wings to fly them away from the dumps life has put them into.

Just a few minutes after the weed opened the gates of mental stimulation, a mild couch-lock will kick in. It satisfyingly softens every joint and muscle in the body. It is as if all the tension incurred throughout the day has melted away. Paired with a lasting psychological state of bliss, users will happily lounge in the sofa for an hour or two.

Enjoyers would also get extremely hungry. As one would be too lazy to move, preparing snacks before starting the session is always a great idea. Then, after the voracious munching period, the bud will grant its final gift. Full and emotionally and physically satisfied, it will then lull tokers to a long sleep.

DJ Short Blueberry Effects

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Adverse Reactions

As with any other cannabis strains, the sweet, fruity Blueberry has bitter effects too. If excessive consumption doesn’t knock one out, the user may be in for some mental overdrive. The weed may cause dizziness or, worse, paranoia or anxiety. THC intolerant marijuana fans will also experience the same offshoots.

The herb may also bring about mild but irritating discomforts. The cottonmouth and dry, bloodshot eyes are the most common side effects of cannabis use. To dodge them, simply avoid having a smoke out while dehydrated.

DJ Short Blueberry Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Not only for recreational toking, but medical users also hold Blueberry in high regard too. It has potent properties that aid sufferers of several psychological and physical conditions. Even better, compared to OTC drugs, this sweet weed only has negligible side effects if taken in the right dose.

A powerful relaxant with an uplifting touch, Blueberry is the ultimate stress buster. It calms people struggling with the likes of stress, depression, and PTSD while also putting them in a blissful mental state. Additionally, the strain’s munchies effect helps those with unhealthy eating habits. It stimulates their appetite that causes intense hunger and stops nausea and vomiting too. Meanwhile, Insomniacs achieves the elusive sleep without counting sheep.

With anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds, the hybrid is also an excellent painkiller. Those who have arthritis, PMS, and muscle spasms particularly value this cannabis. Functioning in the afternoons and evenings are without agony with it around.

DJ Short Blueberry Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing DJ Short Blueberry

Bushy and short at only around 90 cm, Blueberry is truly Indica in appearance. Its foliage is of green, deep plum, and even yellow. On the other hand, its colas have a mix of green, purple, and lavender hues. Curly pistils in fiery orange add to its irresistible charm too. Glistening with wet, sticky resin, the dense buds of its flower show signs of potency early on.

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Growers of Blueberry will need to prune and trim its lush leafage occasionally. As such, those with some level of skill and experience are most suitable for handling the plant. Other than that, the beauty will not require plenty of TLC or pampering.

Indoors, going for a SOG setup on hydroponics makes Blueberry produce bigger yields. For 8 to 9 weeks, raisers can witness it flourish into a fruitful shrub. Come harvest-time, up to 600 grams of sweet buds per square meter will delight cultivators.

Growers who wish to plant their Blueberry outdoors must pick a spot that receives plenty of sunshine. Ideally, it must be grown in a place that enjoys a climate similar to the Mediterranean. In the north where conditions are not as ideal, the herb can still thrive. Sow it by early April to late June then reap the produce around October. If nature didn’t harm the little one, cultivators could expect up to 600 grams per Blueberry.

Have you grown or used DJ Short Blueberry? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

DJ Short Blueberry Growing

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