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With a crushing force, Deathstar OG delivers the mind a blast of euphoria and a body-numbing sensation. Stargazing and philosophical ramblings about the cosmos are perfect activities to pair with this herb.

Standing tall at a THC volume of up to 28%, there’s a reason why this strain was named after the most dangerous weapon in the universe.

However, its effects are far from catastrophic. Not to be confused with the original Deathstar, this version has gotten an upgrade as a third one is thrown in the mix of larger-than-life superstars of the cannabis industry.

On that note, the cerebral invigoration on the onset is catered by none other than Sensi Star, known for sending the mind off to an interstellar trip as the body is kept eased to the bone.

Meanwhile, other than the odor of spilled gasoline, Sour Diesel adds an energizing quality that is fast-acting and mentally refreshing.

While both works together to keep the mind afloat in space, the newly added and legendary OG Kush overpowers it all as its heavy-handed weight crushes all forms of stress, rendering users completely relaxed.

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Such a team results in a strain that is intended for those looking to attain peace to both mind and body, something that even Darth Vader will experience under the influence of this ganja.

Deathstar OG Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Sour Diesel x Sensi Star x OG Kush
Sativa / Indica Ratio 30/70
THC % 15% to 28%
CBD % 0.07% to 0.08%
Climate Unknown
Flowering Period 9 to 10 weeks / Early to middle October
Average Yield 350 to 450 g/sqm / 570 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

As if buried beneath the earth, a heady aroma of skunkiness, diesel and damp soil combine to create a grounding aroma. While it doesn’t exactly have an out of this world palate, seasoned users will find this humble profile quite heart-warming and homey.
That or it completely resonates with the classic pungency of its parentage. Either way, expect the fumes to be pleasant to all the senses.

Additionally, the subtle sweetness one could get from pinecones round out the otherwise plain and bitter flavors. As such, each whiff swirls in smoothly in the lungs, making the overall smoke an easygoing experience.

Deathstar OG Odor and Flavors

Deathstar OG Odor and Flavors – Image powered by


A strain that will take users to a galaxy far, far away, Deathstar OG is famous for obliterating stress, ushering in tingly sensations that relax the body and mind. While it is dominantly Indica, a subtle trippy onset triggers the mind to explore a now visually stimulating world.

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While it may make users feel energized, this head buzz is not a powerful tool to get things done in anyone’s task-list. Rather, the mind is liberated from the gripping burdens of stress, prompting users to freely roam and enjoy low-key activities such as watching episodes four to six of Stars Wars.

As the high wears on, a powerful sedative sensation bathes the body in soothing waves. As the muscular tension melts under the heat of its explosion, users are relaxed and pacified. Add that with the mood for some introspection, and users are in for some long-lasting hazy daydreams.

Eventually, users might just find themselves drifting off to sleep and jumping from one planet to another with Luke Skywalker himself.

Of course, the strain’s moniker is enough warning of its potency. As such, beginners may want to sit back on this one as it may overwhelm the faint-hearted. They may either find themselves lost in space, or couch-locked.

Deathstar OG Effects

Deathstar OG Effects – Image powered by

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Adverse Reactions

As mentioned above, Deathstar OG may be overwhelming to those with low tolerance to such strong effects. Other than being couch-locked, the initial head-centered onslaught may cause users to spiral into dizziness. On worse cases, they may even suffer a spike in paranoia or anxiety. As such, even veterans are advised to take it slow when having a smoke out.

On a milder note, cottonmouth and dry eyes are two common things that may also manifest. However, this reaction can be easily soothed by keeping hydrated at all times. In addition, one should not that the redness of the eyes or even the thirst will not completely go away, but easing it is better than nothing.

Deathstar OG Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Contrary to the impression of its name, Deathstar OG is actually regarded as a bringer of harmony in the medical community. An all-around high that quells mental chaos and physical disorders, the force is truly with patients on this one.

Moreover, it’s engineered to uplift the spirits no matter what the circumstances are. As it shields it from any form of stress from piercing the mind, users are able to find repose after a long day of tension from working.

Furthermore, those with depression or anxiety are given a chance to rest and have a mental restart, making way for a better frame of mind.

Additionally, its THC value of up to 28% give its analgesic quality enough power to temporarily soothe chronic pains such as back aches, arthritis, PMS, migraines and headaches. Not only that, but it also stokes one’s hunger that may have been lost due to their ailments.

It also inspires heavy eyelids and yawns, helping even insomniacs to easily cross to the gates of dreamland. With a ready mind and body free from physical havoc, patients may just find themselves equipped to join the Jedi Order.

Deathstar OG Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Deathstar OG

Deathstar OG may require a bit of green thumb for it to fully flourish, but the reasons lean more on the lack of information rather than an arduous growing process. Due to its ideal condition outdoors being unknown, experienced growers may need to improvise and make an educated assumption from its lineage.

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What users do know is that this plant can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. Since it grows to a medium to tall height of 180 cm, users may want to trim or prune the plants to encourage bud growth as well as keep it manageable in tighter spaces.

Indoors, it produces a yield of 350 to 450 grams per square meter with a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks. Additionally, users may try to use a Screen of Green (SCROG) or Sea of Green (SOG) method in order to try to increase its yields.

Meanwhile, there is no available information about the environment suited for outdoor cultivation. However, growers are advised to trim, dry and cure the plants after harvesting it by early to the middle of October. It produces a yield of 570 grams per plant.

Have you grown or used Deathstar OG Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Deathstar OG Growing

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