Sour Diesel Strain Review

This strain has earned its legendary status for having distinct features that no others have. Sour Diesel is also referred to as Sour D or Sour Deez. It is also known as a “Top Cash Crop Strain” for being the most widely smoked Sativa strain since the 90’s.

Until this day, the origin of Sour Diesel has remained a question that no one has a definite answer for. But because of its pungent diesel-like aroma, plus the palpable high it hits the users with, some experts think it is a cross between Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk.

“I could say that I am the creator of Sour Diesel, but I am more of the ‘servant’ and ‘keeper’ of Sour Diesel,” says AJ, a New York City grower who bred Sour Diesel. He also describes the strain as something that makes people feel like having magical powers because of its uplifting and euphoric effects.

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Sour Diesel is one of the few hybrids that most users will find genuinely a joy to use. Regardless of its vague lineage, it has distinct flavors and aromas, and the mind-blowing effects to keep cannabis aficionados more than contented. Be careful, though. It may be magical but abuse it, and it can quickly overwhelm anyone.

White Widow Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Brazilian x South Indian
Sativa / Indica Ratio 40% / 60%
THC % 19%
CBD % 0.10%
Climate Temperate climate
Flowering Period 8 weeks / End of September
Average Yield 800 g/m2, 900 g/plant outdoor

Odor and Flavors

The name itself, Sour Diesel, already elucidates the aroma for this strain. It emanates the strong pungent diesel smell with a dash of citrus and sour lemon. But even if “gas-like” and “sour” are some words used to describe this strain, it actually has a pleasant scent that is admired by users. It also tastes the same as it smells. This hybrid leaves a lemony aftertaste with a smooth toke that makes it such a joy to use.

Sour Diesel Odor and Flavor

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Sour Diesel is known for its ability to take users to a cerebral high that no others can. It causes its users to be at their happiest, most creative, and highly motivated self. Much like how fuel powers an engine, this strain gives a boost in energy. As a result, users feel energetic and are more than glad to do what they need to do.

Despite being a Sativa-dominant strain, its Indica side is not going to sit idly. The incredible cerebral high ebbs down to the body, which in turn, induces body relaxation. In many ways, the mild body buzz complements the mental effects. It is not too potent as to cause people to feel lazy.

Sour Diesel Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Sour Diesel can cause dry mouth and eyes. An excellent way to prevent that from happening is to drink a lot of water. Also, it is important not to use too much or more than the usual.

Unfortunately, some people do tend to overindulge. Once that happens, they may experience a few other side effects. For instance, Sour Diesel can be overwhelming and instead of the euphoric cerebral high, it can take it further as to cause psychedelic effects. In some cases, it is also possible for a few to feel more anxious or even paranoid.

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Sour Diesel Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

In the medical cannabis community, Sour Diesel is one of the more popular choices among the thousands of strains worldwide. By inducing and making people feel uplifted and happy, it already took the mind away from stress.

A “pick-me-up” strain as some say, it is perfect for use in the morning to help people with depression or anxiety start their day right. Furthermore, it may also help with ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and PSTD.

At the same time, the same cerebral effects of Sour Diesel that is useful with mental illnesses also takes the focus away from any mild physical pain.

The energizing buzz Sour Diesel delivers is helpful in negating fatigue. One could think of it as drinking a couple of cups of double espresso. Once the effects begin to subside, many users will also feel hungry. Of course, this is beneficial to anyone who needs a little help in stimulating their appetite.

Sour Diesel Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is not an easy cannabis strain to cultivate. Growers can expect to get down and dirty throughout its growth. For this reason, a certain level of expertise may be necessary to have a successful harvest.

Sour Diesel is very prone to mildew. Thus, a sterile and warm environment, plus plenty of sunshine is needed. Pruning, training, and topping must be given by the grower for this plant to grow successfully because it might take over a whole garden because of its abilities to stretch widely when flowering occurs.

Most experts agree that it is best to cultivate Sour Diesel in the outdoors. Compared to growing it inside the house, it is less tedious in an open space. If taken care of properly, the plant starts to flower in the early days of November. During harvest time, it can produce a generous yield of 700 grams per plant.

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Indoor planting may be quite a risk for growers because of the rapid growth during the vegetative stage. Because of its pungent odor, growers will also need to use a carbon-activated charcoal filter. It is ready for flowering in 8 to 8 weeks and each square meter, the expected yield is around 500 grams.

Have you grown or used the Sour Diesel? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Sour Diesel Growing

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