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Sometimes mistakenly heard as cheesecake, this strain packs a mean punch amidst its cheesy flavor. Bred by TGA Subcool, Cheese Quake, is an Indica dominant hybrid and an offspring of Cheese and Querkle. Both the parents are among the most popular and well-loved strains.

Popular in Colorado, Michigan and the Pacific Northwest, Cheese Quake thrives well indoors or outdoors. It does come with a pungent odor, so this is something that growers will have to take care of if privacy is an issue.

It appears the strain is widely-available through different online vendors. However, it is best to make sure to purchase only from an authorized dealer of TGA Subcool. If there is one thing about the sale of cannabis online, it is that there is a flood of fakes and scams nowadays.

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The strain is somewhat of an upper/downer, but not in the traditional sense. It begins with a stimulating high followed by a gentle body buzz.

Cheese Quake
Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Cheese x Querkle
Sativa / Indica Ratio 40 / 60
THC % 16% to 18%
CBD % 0.3%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Late September to early October
Average Yield 350 to 450 g/m2 / 500 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Cheese may have an odd odor, but everybody loves cheese – most do, that is. This cannabis is pungent with a sour smell that may make someone cringe. It is not that bad though as its exotic, earthy blend can be quite enticing.

Funky as how some people describe it, its smoke is actually a delight especially with a sweet note of grape lingering as an aftertaste to offer some contrast.

Cheese Quake Effects

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Cheese Quake offers long-lasting effects. It starts with an uplifting cerebral buzz that leaves users feeling happy or perhaps even euphoric. Like typical Sativa, it promotes a clear head with a sharper sense of focus. As such, being productive is not an issue at all. At least, not in the early stages.

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As the effects intensify, a tingling sensation may begin from the forehead and ebb down to the body. In a sense, this is a sign of the heavy Indica traits starting to manifest itself. Such sensation is soothing to tired and aching muscles that when the full effects finally kick in, its users are bound to be in a state of absolute relaxation.

In moderate amounts, Cheese Quake is an excellent strain for use in a social gathering. For many people, this cannabis enhances the appreciation of epic movies or trippy music. Fun times, indeed.

Cheese Quake Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Newbies in smoking cannabis need a little bit of getting used to, and that is because of its adverse effects. So, besides dealing with the possibility of feeling overwhelmed such as when one exceeds individual tolerance limit, weeds also cause people to feel dry mouth and eyes. Some may even experience mild dizziness, have a headache, or feel paranoid.

In most cases, users can feel the symptoms, but it is too mild even to be a bother.

Cheese Quake Adverse Reaction

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Medical Use and Benefits

Cheese Quake is not only for the delight of recreational users. Its potent psychoactive properties are also useful for patients suffering from chronic pain. It brings comfort by soothing aching muscles. With its anti-inflammatory properties, not only is it helpful against muscle spasms, but it is also useful providing relief from rheumatoid arthritis and other medical conditions.

Since this cannabis hybrid also uplifts moods, it helps patients who are undergoing depression. Furthermore, in making users feel happy, it follows that it can wipe out stress.

Cheese Quake Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Cheese Quake

Cheese Quake does not only smell great, but its striking purple color catches any eye on the loose. It has fat, dark green leaves threaded with lots of hairy orange pistils. The dense buds resemble that of popcorn which is very typical of Indicas. The shades of purple get darker when these plants are exposed to cold temperature before flowering. White trichomes coat the flowers making them look like snow. Being strong and vigorous, this strain is an excellent choice for home cultivation.

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Indoors, this cannabis can grow up to 180 centimeters tall if it is not topped properly. Growers will want to do that and encourage bushier growth. It is especially well-suited for LST (low-stress training) to boost its growth. Since it grows fast, nutrients have to be monitored to prevent over or underfeeding. Because its buds may be too heavy, supporting the branches is likely needed. The flowering period will last between 8 to 9 weeks with every square meter producing between 350 to 450 grams.

Outdoors, Cheese Quake should not have trouble thriving in a warm climate. Its flowering time typically occurs between September and October. Growers can expect each plant to produce up to 500 grams each.

Have you grown or used Cheese Quake? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Cheese Quake Growing

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