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People assume that inhalation or smoking is the only way to use cannabis. At least, that is what most know. As such, there is a stigma attached to smokers. For example, the act itself is damaging to the lungs and, worse, a cause of the second-hand smoke. Of course, there are other ways such as edibles.

The human ingenuity is alive and kicking even with the use of weeds. Besides inventing new smoking accessories, there is also the emergence of cannabis edibles. Basically, these are food and beverage with cannabis added. Generally considered as a safer alternative to smoking, there are ingested either through saliva or the stomach.

Because it is not smoking, some people have begun to try and use cannabis. And, as more states legalize its use, more people are going to get more creative with cannabis edibles in the coming years.

The Good Side of Cannabis Edibles

There is a growing interest towards delighting in edibles as opposed to inhaling or vaporizing. Users switch to eating edibles because of the following benefits:

The Good Side of Cannabis Edibles

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1. Wide Selection

The beauty of cannabis edibles is that there is a wide range of items available for ingesting. Here are some popular Cannabis-infused solids and liquids.

Cannabis- infused Solids

  • Brownies
  • Cereal Bars
  • Cookies & Chips
  • Sweets & Bites
  • Muffins
  • Chocolates & Gummy Bears
  • Cannabutter
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Pies and Pizza
  • THC Pills/Capsules

Cannabis-infused Liquids

  • Smoothies
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Tonics
  • Wine
  • Drops or Tinctures

In states and countries where growing and consuming weed is permissible, people continue to explore recipes and concoct possibilities. In due time, people would have more liberty in preparing their own choices.

2. Harmless to the Body

In inhaling cannabis, the condition of lungs, throat, and mouth gets compromised over more extended periods of regular use. Combusting cannabis converts the internal substances into toxic chemicals. These are absorbed into the bloodstream and brought to the brain immediately.

As for eating or drinking cannabis-infused foods or beverages, the respiratory system is not disturbed.

3. Healing Attributes

People use cannabis to enrich their health because of the salubrious content. Once ingested, the content is absorbed and broken down in the digestive system. It is then further metabolized in the liver. As such, the healing properties are lingering and can be felt intensively. It remains in the body for up to 7 hours.

The healing capability lies on the terpenes, essential oils, found in cannabis and there are about 100 types of them. Depending on the intensity, some are responsible for uplifting a user’s mood while others tone it down.

Linalool is a kind of terpene popular for quelling anxiety. On the other hand, pinene is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Moreover, it can boost the nervous system. Limonene is prized for its antidepressant qualities and ability to reduce cholesterol levels.

4. Subtlety

Enjoying edibles do not attract much attention as opposed to smoking or vaping. Users can take it discreetly alone or with others at home. It is the best alternative to those who prefer their privacy to be respected while getting satisfaction from their edibles.

4. Longer Euphoric Impact

When ingesting edibles, the substances are metabolized in the liver, enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain. The cannabinoids comprehensively permeate the body. This course of pathway makes it possible to have a longer euphoric impact.

5. Adjustable

With weed edibles, users do not necessarily have to plunge in and eat voraciously. Since the euphoric effects do not show up right away, after a certain interval, users can adjust their intake depending on what they feel.

Furthermore, when users are knowledgeable enough, they can prepare their edibles and adjust the amount, servings and dosage they can take.

With the growing number of people displaying a favorable attitude towards eating weed foods, there are still some risks that edibles bring.

The Bad Side of Cannabis Edibles

After hearing all the great things about edibles, it is also good to know its drawbacks. An informed user tends to be safer, after all.

The Bad Side of Cannabis Edibles

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1. Tendency to Overdose

It is a little challenging to quantify the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) broken down in the edibles. Not all manufacturers include the percentage in their product packaging.

Also, users get eager and excited to take edibles in the same way they eat their regular food. With Cannabis-infused foods and drinks, the feeling of being high does not set in right away. Users who cannot wait impatiently may risk overeating. Undisciplined users who love the high may risk overindulging.

2. Tedious Waiting Time

It takes time for the effects of cannabis edibles to manifet. In many cases, it is felt only after some two hours. For the impatient people, this may prove to be too long.

3. Accidental Consumption by Others

There is no way to tell from the outside whether edibles are laced with cannabis or not. The only way to find out is to taste them, and even so, not everyone knows the distinction. Children, teens, elderly, or pregnant women may be at risk of accidental consumption.

4. Undetermined Strains

Food products as well drinks are not labeled with strain content. There is no indication of the percentage of Indica, Sativa or Hybrid strain. It poses as a negative because users may not be prepared as to how their bodies will react to the edibles.

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Precautionary Measures

Even with all these positive aspects of ingesting cannabis edibles and drinkables, users still have the responsibility to consume them in a correct way. The following precautionary measures could be observed.

Precautionary Measures

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1. Limit, Scale, and Pace

Too much intake of anything may be bad for health. Aside from the type of strain, the impact of edibles is also affected by the user’s weight and metabolism rate. Users may not also be aware of certain allergies when their bodies interact with cannabis. Hence, being mindful of limit, scale, and pace is crucial.

The key is to start off with a small serving of 5 milligrams THC content. After, it is time to wait as it takes time. Impatience and overindulgence with edibles may result in a hangover and a lingering high.

Users who have tried cannabis edibles before will most likely be able to establish their tolerance level. Hence, they can decide well on their limit, scale, and pace. Novice users will have to be conscious of their intake.

2. Knowledge of Merchants

Cannabis edibles production and retailing still have yet to be regulated. As such, it is essential that users ascertain the quality of what they are buying. Also, users have to ensure that the edibles come with proper labeling that includes CBD and THC content indication.

3. Proper Storage

Keep cannabis edibles away from children, teens, elderly and pregnant women. Be responsible enough to label the products properly and stowing them where they can’t be accidentally taken.

4. Mixing Substances

For one, it is a bad idea to drink alcohol while eating cannabis edibles. Alcohol can strengthen the intensity of THC in the bloodstream. In addition to this, alcohol instigates vomiting, but cannabis impedes nausea. There are contrasting effects, and they are difficult to handle.



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Anything can be enjoyed with moderation and caution. Digesting legal weed offers great benefits over other ways of consuming it. That is why there are actions mapped out in order for users to practice diligent use of cannabis edibles.

Fortunately, with the expanding curiosity towards edibles, countries are now improving their standards of growing, packaging, and delivery of cannabis. There is a move to regularize the processes so that citizens can enjoy cannabis in a safe way.

Legalization is now being sought in many countries to prohibit abuse and misuse of the edibles. Moreover, public education campaigns are being conducted to ensure awareness among citizens, both users, and non-users.

Budtender courses are being offered to certify people who offer pieces of advice on legal cannabis use. People working at legitimate dispensaries could be of great assistance with streamlined knowledge and accredited qualification. Furthermore, in some states and countries, cooking classes on cannabis are made available.

With all these innovations and effort being executed around, consuming cannabis edibles will become more secure, health-oriented and gratifying.

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