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How to Build a Budget-Friendly Cannabis Grow Room:

Growing cannabis inside the house has its inherent advantages. One is that it is cost-effective. For example, after successfully cultivating a plant, not only can one produce seeds or even better, clone it. In that case, that is an assurance of almost limitless supply. Of course, there is also the pride and joy in that comes with nurturing a strain from seed to mature plants.

The thought of actually growing a favorite strain right in the comfort of the house is indeed fascinating. And, the more one thinks of the reward in the end, the more enticing it becomes. So, it is but natural for one to go online and start looking for the right equipment and tools. It is time to set up the ideal indoor cannabis grow room.

Not long after, the world comes crashing down. As it turns out, setting up a grow room is insanely expensive. Of course, whatever the cost is, it is a matter of perspective. Suffice to say; most people find it prohibitive. Just like that, the dream of cultivating cannabis vanishes.

Fret not, though, for there is a way to keep that dream alive. Building an indoor habitat for cannabis does not have to be costly. As a matter of fact, it is pretty simple to build a budget-friendly grow room that works just as well as the expensive setups.

Setting Up Low-Budget Grow Room

How to Build a Budget-Friendly Cannabis Grow Room

How to Build a Budget-Friendly Cannabis Grow Room – Image powered by

In the beginning, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. But when it comes down to the basics of what is needed, it is not that many. For all intents and purposes, the grow room is where cannabis plants are placed. It is their home where they can sprout and grow into beautiful mature plants. More than just a location, it is a controlled and safe environment that is conducive to healthy growth.

Even if one can say it is confusing when looking at all the options available, it is also good in that because of the ever-growing home growing industry; there are now more brands offering affordable indoor growing equipment and accessories. Not to mention, some of these things are most likely already in the toolbox of the average home.


Lightproofing the room is necessary. The most significant reason is that light leaks can wreak havoc especially during the flowering or bloom phase.

During the vegetative phase, most growers give plants 18 hours of lighting. Once ready, switching the light cycle 12 hours on, 12 hours off, triggers the flowering stage. During this time and throughout the bloom stage, lights reaching plants because of an improperly sealed grow room can cause confusion and stress. It might disrupt the flowering process and worse, could turn female plants into hermaphrodites.


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The home cannabis grow room is usually a spare room in the house. Windows, of course, is the source of unwanted light leaks. Some people try to cover it with fabric. However, what it does is to dampen the amount of light entering the room. As an option, one could cover it with cardboard entirely. Be sure to use lightproof tape to seal the edges to ensure there is absolutely no light penetrating seeping in.

Another possible source of light leak is the door. If that is the case, usually it is at the bottom where there is a gap between the door itself and the floor. One thing a grower can do is to cover the bottom with fabric after leaving the room and closing the door.


There are two reasons why the ideal grow room for cannabis is airtight. One is odor while the other are pests and bugs.

As plants grow, the odor it emits becomes more pronounced. Unless confined, it may cause discomfort to other people living in the house. Furthermore, the smell may reach the street where neighbors and passersby are likely to know what is going on.


Airtight – Image powered by

Hidden in the ceiling and other tight spaces around the room are pests and bugs. Some might find their way to the plants and cause problems.

Before even sprouting seeds, it is best to scrutinize every part of the room, side to side, top to bottom. Growers can use sealants and tapes to cover cracks and gaps.

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The allure of planting indoors is not only because of privacy issues. In many parts of the world, it is the only way to cultivate cannabis as the outdoor environment may be too harsh. Obviously, there is nothing one can do about the outdoor conditions. But inside the house, it is being able to control the climate that allows the plants to grow in the most suitable environment where it can thrive.

Most often, growers will want to control the temperature and humidity inside the grow room. Air ventilation and circulation plays an important role in ensuring just that.

Even when growing only a few plants in a relatively large room, the heat from the grow light may accumulate over time. With that being the case, then growers will want to have a vent in the upper area where heat can escape.


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Aiding the expulsion of hot air is an exhaust fan. Inline type is the best option as it is connected to a duct that vents the air. It is easy to secure and seal. Not only that, an odor control filter can easily be attached. This is very important so that the expelled air does not carry the scent of cannabis.

Besides temperature, maintaining humidity is also vital to healthy growth. Having too much moisture, for instance, can lead to the growth of molds and mildew. Depending on the necessity, one may need a dehumidifier or a humidifier.

Finally, having a fan inside the grow room can greatly boost the growth of the plants. Besides circulating air, it also casts a slight breeze. These small movements are how plants exercise and develop stronger stems.

As one can see, the things needed to control the climate are simple devices. Granted that if needed, growers need to purchase. But there are so many affordable options today in the market than ever. If there is one thing to purchase first before the others, then it is a measurement tool. There are digital thermometer/hygrometer testers that sell for just a little over $10, for example. After testing the grow room, it should give growers an idea if there is a need to control humidity. As for the heat ventilation and odor control, that is highly recommended.

Lighting and Reflective Walls

Light is a necessity. Without it, plants cannot grow. The cheapest option is to use CFL. However, it is not the ideal grow light for plants. Still, many people have successfully grown cannabis using this light source.

A better grow light system would be High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps. On the plus side, they are powerful lamps that can provide optimal light for the plants. However, they are costly not only in its purchase price but also heavy on the electricity bill.

Fortunately, LED grow lamps have become mainstream. As such, they now offer the best value for the money.

Lighting and Reflective WallsLighting and Reflective Walls

Lighting and Reflective Walls

Lighting and Reflective Walls – Image powered by

Regardless of which type of lighting one prefers, it is a needed investment in order to cultivate cannabis.

Depending on the size of the grow room, having a reflective wall surface may or may not be beneficial. For example, place a few plants in the center of a large room, having reflective walls will not matter as much. But in a smaller area, it becomes useful in reflecting enough light back to the plants to make a difference.

Of course, the best way to have a reflective wall is to cover it with reflective sheets. It is not that expensive at all and easy to install. As an option, one can also opt to paint the wall with flat white latex.

Grow Tents

Grow Tents

Grow Tents – Image powered by

Not everyone has the luxury of having a spare room for use as an indoor habitat for cannabis plants. As such, the next best option is to use a grow tent. These come in all sizes and designs, but they all have one main function – that is to provide a home for the plants with provisions for everything that is needed.

It is already lightproof, waterproof, and airtight. Not only that but these things also have holes for inlets and outlets. The rest of the equipment needed can simply fit in the tent.

Budget-Friendly Grow Room Is Flexible

When thinking of using a spare room to grow cannabis, about the only major work involved, would be the installation of ventilation. Unfortunately, it is a necessity. On the ducting, inline fan and odor control equipment, there are many excellent choices available in the market that comes at an affordable cost. At the same time, a significant investment could also go to the grow light system.

Regardless of how one configures a grow room, it does not have to come at a prohibitive cost. Beginners could start simple having only the basics and gain experience first. As the need arises or as one prefers, it is also easy to scale up.

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