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Copper is another micronutrient that cannabis plants need in trace amounts. It plays a role in numerous processes that are essential to overall health. To name a few, it includes enzyme synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, and photosynthesis. Although copper deficiency is rare, it can cause irreversible problems if not rectified.

Copper Deficiency

Plants need copper only in trace amounts, and it is often present in soils or prepared nutrient solutions. Hence, if there is a deficiency, then it is likely due to wrong pH balance in its growing medium.

Typically, cannabis plants can absorb and suitably utilize copper if the pH level falls between the range of 6.0 to 7.0 (soil) and 5.5 to 6.0 (hydroponics). However, if it falls between 2.0 to 4.5, then the essential micronutrient gets locked out.

Copper Deficiency

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Signs of Copper Deficiency

One of the joys of cultivating cannabis is the reward that comes later in when growers harvest the flowers. Before claiming the prize, though, the plant requires care, and that includes observing it for possible signs of trouble.

1. One of the noticeable signs is stunted growth and the appearance of blue or purple shades on its leaves with pale yellow or white edges. Often, the leaves also take on a metallic sheen.

2. As the problem worsens, the leaves become limp and start to curl. Eventually, it dies. Without intervention, it may lead to the cannabis plant itself wilting.

3. Due to lack of copper, the plant is unable to utilize other nutrients. As the leaves are affected, so is the production of flowers. The lack of maturity in flowers or stunted growth of pistils becomes apparent.

Signs of Copper Deficiency

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Rectifying Copper Deficiency

Unless growers can identify the problem and intervene in time, saving the cannabis plant becomes more difficult.

Step 1. The first thing growers need to do is to check the pH balance as it is the most likely cause of the deficiency. Keep in mind that different optimal ranges depend on the type of strain and its stage in growth.

Step 2. If pH level is not the cause, then growers may use copper fungicides. Used to fight diseases, it contains more than enough trace amounts to solve the problem of copper deficiency.

Step 3. As an option, growers can soak copper coins (dimes and quarters) in water for a period and use it to water the affected cannabis plant.

Rectifying Copper Deficiency

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In most cases, the plants should show signs of recovery after a few days.

Preventing Copper Deficiency

The best way to treat cannabis plants with copper deficiency is to prevent one from occurring in the first place. By following the basics of gardening, it is a problem that is not likely to happen.

1. pH meter, as well as others, are not expensive. It is a tool that aids in monitoring the different environmental conditions that play a role in healthy growth. While the recommended range is 6.0 pH to 7.0 pH (in soil) and 5.5 pH to 7.0 pH (in hydroponics), it is best to consult with the seed bank on the optimal level particular to a strain and growing medium.

2. Be sure not to overwater the plant. As it turns out, one of the problems it causes is copper deficiency due to the inability to absorb minerals.

Preventing Copper Deficiency

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Traces of Copper for Healthy Cannabis Growth

Like many mineral deficiencies, the remedy is as simple as providing primary care for cannabis plants. Take pH level, for instance. Measuring it daily and adjusting the nutrients in the growing medium is one of the things growers do. In so doing, it is also as much an act of preventing copper deficiency from occurring.

At any rate, even if there was another underlying cause, observing the signs is not tricky, and the remedy is easy.

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