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In the cannabis world, a multitude of new variants with a skunky scent and taste spring up year after year. No matter how many lay claim to that essence, though, only one strain comes to mind at the mention of such trait. Inspiring a whole new generation of skunk pots, all give way to the true ringleader – Skunk #1.

Spreading its pungent fragrance since the ’70s, Sacred Seed Co. first bred the oldie but goody weed. To come up with a hybrid that checks off all the boxes in the marijuana list of must-have attributes, the breeder needed three epic strains to do the job. The Sativa landrace Columbian Gold gave its uplifting and focus boosting kick. Most importantly, it passed along its sweet and sour skunkiness.

To give the herb a heaven on earth type of relaxation, Afghani was put in the mix. With the most legendary Indica strain on the planet on one’s genetics, skyrocketing a newcomer’s reputation wasn’t a hard task at all. Then, the rare Acapulco Gold was also infused to provide the plant an irresistible bag appeal. With such weave of parent strains, needless to say, things went really well for the then-neophyte. And, four decades after, it’s still a best-seller in clubs and dispensaries.

With the ability to send one in a heavenly mental and physical state, the joint became an instant hit. It is the afternoon buddy of recreational tokers. Medical cannabis users, on the other hand, use it to welcome the evening with comfort. In larger dose, the ganja’s calming waves become stronger and can sweep off fans to dreamland.

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Skunk #1 became a household name in the 420 communities. For this reason, several breeders such as Dutch Passion, Royal Queen Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Flying Dutchmen and Sensi Seeds created their own variant bearing the same moniker. Each one claiming to have similar strings of effects and just as skunky as the original.

Skunk #1 Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Afghani x Acapulco Gold x Colombian Gold
Sativa / Indica Ratio 35/65
THC% / CBD% 11% to 19% / 0.04% to 0.33%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Mid-October
Average Yield 400 to 500 g/m2 / 600 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Skunk #1’s scent may come off as repelling to non-cannabis users. Veteran tokers, though, crave for it and novice marijuana fans don’t take long to learn how to love it. As the plant flowers, its pungent musky, earthy aroma can fill an entire room. After curing and drying the buds, breaking them apart releases a strong sour note with hints of sweet jasmine.

The uniqueness of the herb’s odor is also evident in its flavor. After all, the smell makes half of the taste. Upon inhaling the fume, one can pinpoint a skunky and musky savor. As it swirls inside the mouth and passes the throat, it leaves a creamy texture that has a tinge of mixed fruits, herbs, and sandalwood. The sapidity lingers long and mostly stays in the tongue and lips.

Skunk #1 Odor and Flavors

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Cannabis enthusiasts or even those who are still thinking of trying one must get their hands on Skunk #1. It is a delightful strain that ushers a beautiful evening and puts a smile on one’s face before ending the night. Perfect for capping off a rough work day, toking it in the late afternoon frees tired souls of burden. It rids the mind of taxing thoughts, while also cleansing the body of tension. Unnecessaries are all stripped away, so the trip to euphoria is without tribulations.

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A relaxing brain massage soon follows. Soft and satisfying, it tickles the mind causing one to giggle. As the high progresses, the desire to chatter and the boost in mental vigor become noticeable. Because of such effects, many tokers prefer to enjoy it with friends. Some even have a smoke-out with the family before dinner.

As the buzz dwindles, the ganja’s comforting and relaxing embrace will engulf the user. It will make one a bit heavy-bodied but still very mobile. It tones down the increase in energy that the weed released prior. Then, after a few hours, its warm cradle will lull enjoyers to a profound, long slumber. Veterans, who have established tolerance, can take it in higher doses to fast-track sleep.

Skunk #1 Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Although known as the beginner-friendly marijuana, Skunk #1 is still a potent pot. THC sensitive and less experienced users are most prone to its side effects. Consuming it in large amounts, especially when dehydrated, causes dry eyes and cottonmouth. Keeping oneself well hydrated will help fight off these parched irritations.

Excessive consumption of the pot has other more concerning consequences. Although uncommon, some may incur a headache or get dizzy. A few unlucky ones, though, may experience mild paranoia or anxiety. Those with tendencies to have panic attacks should also veer far away from this strain.

Skunk #1 Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Skunk #1 is also an ideal cannabis for medical purposes. It eases certain health conditions in a fast and reliable manner. There’s no need to wait long for its benefits to kick in. Worrying that its effects may wane and vanish unexpectedly also doesn’t happen. Even better, it’s all organic with the slightest side effects that can be easily avoided.

This cannabis can ease the symptoms of chronic stress, depression, and PTSD. Its uplifting abilities ward off unpleasant thoughts and emotions. At the same time, the joint’s ‘munchies’ boost one’s appetite and ceases nausea and vomiting. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and those with eating disorders benefit from that feature. Then, after a few hours of joy, even insomniacs get to achieve a long slumber with a smile on their faces.

Not only useful in controlling mental concerns, Skunk #1 is also a great pain-killer. It relaxes muscles which removes tensions. Then, its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties take care of chronic pains and aches. With all of them combined, alleviating agonies caused by the likes of migraines, PMS, and joint problems comes easy.

Skunk #1 Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Skunk #1

Although a hybrid, Skunk #1 is very Indica in form. The medium-sized plant can only grow up to 150 cm, but has browny branches that can carry a heavy load. Its lower limbs have more luxuriant foliage of large fan leaves. With a high bud-to-leaf ratio on its colas, manicuring its large flowers is simpler. Although covered thickly by trichomes, its buds’ pistils are the star of this plant. Golden orange and very vibrant, they are long and can be seen even from afar.

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Growing the plant indoors requires enough warmth. By keeping the temperature between 21 to 27 °C and the RH within 40 to 50%, molds and mildew are not on the horizon. Watching the beauty grow its nugs and long, striking hairs as it flowers for 8 to 9 weeks is a pleasure. But, of course, nothing can be more gratifying than reaping up to 500 grams of pungent buds per square meter.

Growers in areas with a pleasant climate similar to the Mediterranean must take advantage of such pristine condition by growing Skunk #1 outdoors. Sowing its seeds in a warm, sunny spot will make them grow handsomely, and each can produce up to 600 grams of crops. In the north, the variant will surely thrive during summer and be ready for harvest by mid-October.

Have you grown or used Skunk #1? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Skunk #1 Growing

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