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When high on the flavorful buds of Conspiracy Kush, one cannot help but feel the mind gradually filling with profound thoughts regardless of whether these are comical conspiracies about the government or about aliens. Eventually, its heavy-hitting effects take over and users end up falling asleep.

A brainchild of Heroes of the Farm, a subset of TGA Seeds, its multifaceted high comes from the sweet and sedating union of Obama Kush and Space Queen. The latter is a legendary Sativa that passes on a its mental buzz. Meanwhile, the former is a powerful strain from the other side of the spectrum. Its father binds the initial head high with a soothing, calming euphoria that spreads throughout the body.

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Its impressively potent lovechild is highly recommended for veterans with a propensity for novelty strains. However, in spite of its intensity, beginners may still enjoy the bud’s invigorating and commanding physical stone with the help of a seasoned friend.

Conspiracy Kush Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Obama Kush x Space Queen
Sativa / Indica Ratio 30/70
THC % 22.5%
CBD % 0.1%
Climate Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Late September to early October
Average Yield 350 to 450 g/sqm / 450 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Interestingly, Conspiracy Kush has all the fragrant attributes of pungent cloves, sweet cinnamon, and spicy pepper. There are fruity overtones of citric lemons too. Its zesty smoke becomes even more pronounced in the palate albeit a little harsh for beginners. Using a vaporizer or a water bong can help ease the experience with fumes reminiscent of pine.


Conspiracy Kush is a great choice for a slow and steady evening needed to unwind the day. Taken moderately, of course. Otherwise, its far-reaching THC of up to 25% can be quite overwhelming with its heavy-hitting effects. Inexperienced smokers, especially users with low tolerance to such an intense THC level should tread this strain lightly. It is also important to pace consumption of the bud all the time.

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Its onset, though slow, leaves a penetrating mark on the mind with its rush of euphoria. It keeps moods light while encouraging an upbeat disposition. As a cheeriness fills one’s thoughts, users begin to feel happier from within.

Conspiracy Kush Effects

Conspiracy Kush Effects – Image powered by

The powerful physical buzz creeps in like an anaconda, and slowly, it wraps the limbs in a tight hold that grows in intensity over time. Coupled with the initial mental effects, users unwind on a seemingly lazy afternoon especially since it permits light activities.

Users get to enjoy various pastimes for a few hours. For many, this would mean some TV while chowing down on some favorite snacks. After about 2 to 3 hours, the herb will lull users to a long, restful sleep.

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Adverse Reactions

To keep the cannabis experience pleasurable, always keep the dosage low while going slow with its consumption. A little overboard with the dose may cause dizziness that eventually develops into anxiety. Like its name suggests it may leave one feeling paranoid while brooding over conspiracies.

A smoke out also brings about a case of cottonmouth and dry eyes regardless of the method of consumption or the dosage taken. Still, one may ease the discomfort by drinking ample amounts of fluids throughout the day.

Medical Use and Benefits

Conspiracy Kush is well received in the medical cannabis community for its immense THC volume. While recreational users rejoice in its euphoric high, the psychoactive compound also provides relief to patients with its enriching benefits.

Conspiracy Kush Medical Use and Benefits

Conspiracy Kush Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by

Such properties are filled with anti-inflammatory effects that reduce aches and pains while soothing joint pains, spasms, and migraine. Meanwhile, its ability to soothe the mind from worrying thoughts with its anxiolytic qualities comforts people suffering from chronic stress. Through blissful high, the same psychoactive compound also appeases mood and mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD which, if left unattended, can be quite paralyzing.

Feeling free from mental and physical burdens, users fall asleep faster than usual. Moreover, the Indica-dominant plant also enhances the quality and quantity of slumber.

Growing Conspiracy Kush

Generous in its yields and relatively easy to cultivate, Conspiracy Kush is a plant that beginners can cultivate with ease. It is relatively short, compact, and branchy. Its unwavering stature allows it to flourish in both indoor and outdoor conditions growing areas.

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As an Indica-dominant plant, Conspiracy Kush is naturally sturdy. It will not break easily when fazed by harsh winds and neither will it bend from the weight of its large, dense buds. Though it may need not need to be staked, some aspiring growers may want to thin it out through pruning. This will help air out the lower canopy while spreading light to the bottom branches. At the same time, cutting away dead parts will improve nutrient distribution.

Taking on a short to medium height of 180 cm or less, topping the plants early in its vegetative phase would help manage it for indoor cultivation. Not only that, but it can reach its full potential in a controlled environment with temperatures ranging between 21 to 27°C.

Conspiracy Kush Growing

Conspiracy Kush Growing – Image powered by

To maximize the production of its yields, grow using hydroponics and use the Sea of Green method. However, it can also thrive well when soil is used. Flowering can be as short as 8 to 9 weeks with a bountiful yield of 350 to 450 grams of buds per square meter.

The plant flourishes well under a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate and is usually ready for harvest by late September or early October with a lavish yield of 450 grams of buds per plant.

Have you grown or used the Conspiracy Kush strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

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