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Free Shipping at Bonza!!!

Posted on 12th Oct 2015 @ 12:03 PM



Free Shipping at Bonza Seeds!!!

We are extremely happy to announce the arrival of free basic shipping for all of our customers, everywhere. 

When one buys something online, one has to have it shipped. There’s no way around it. This is a sharp departure from traditional models where having an item delivered is an exception, a ‘special’ service, usually due to the size or availability of the goods.

Because shipping is a necessity when shopping online, delivery costs for online purchases are tolerated as an irritating extra fee. Not, however, for Bonza customers.

Our customers are entitled to free basic shipping on every single purchase, no matter how small, a benefit that can be used in conjunction with any other Bonza promotion running at the time.

Removing the cost of shipping from the equation will make buying decisions much easier, open up more choice and, more importantly, save cash. It is a unique offer in terms of online cannabis seeds and one we hope will reward our loyal customers for helping to make us the best online seedbank in the world.

Please note that, for orders over a certain value, we may require an upgrade to a tracked tariff - this is for the peace of mind of both the customer and ourselves.