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Elemental Seeds at Bonza Seedbank!

Posted on 11th Jun 2015 @ 11:20 AM

Elemental Seeds

Elemental Seeds began life in San Jose, California as a medical cannabis collective named Elemental Wellness in 2009.  Some five years previously, the Elemental team had acquired a number of cuts of an elite marijuana strain called True OG.  Elemental spent years experimenting with and perfecting the True OG, honing the genetics until they had the finished article. 

Utilising the skills and experience of master breeders, Jason & Tony (ex Reserva Privada), Elemental Seeds burst onto the cannabis competition scene in 2010 when they won the first of their five awards at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco for their stable star, True OG.

True OG finished second in the Indica category in San Francisco in 2010, then second again at the same competition in 2011. 

In 2012, the Elemental Seeds team went to the High Times competitions in Seattle and Amsterdam and picked up another two second place awards.  Finally, in 2013, True OG clinched first place for Best Indica in Seattle.

True OG forms the cornerstone of Elemental Seeds’ breeding programme.  The vast majority of their marijuana strains feature True OG somewhere in the genetics.

Laboratory testing has shown True OG to have a THC content of around 27%, making it one of the most potent cannabis strains currently available anywhere.