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Like a cannabis cocktail mix of Indica and Sativa, Sour Jack is a robust hybrid that delivers the missing oomph in users’ mornings. While the wakefulness of coffee tends to fade too soon, taking a hit of this allows users to remain active the whole day at a leisurely alert pace.

Of course, this sunshine rolled in a joint wasn’t just pulled out of thin air. Karma Genetics played with a pot filled with golden genes and crossed two of the most illustrious sativa-dominant strains in the market.

While both of these strains amplify a common ground of uplifting qualities, Jack Herer adds some introspective pizzaz to the amalgam of creative and cerebral brew. Meanwhile, not only does Sour Diesel contribute an oddly addicting aroma of propane, but also a long-lasting energy that ultimately fires up users’ engines.

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With a light dusting of physical relaxation that is a classic of Indica effects, such a fusion resulted in an award-winning hybrid that is equally as powerful and flavorful as its parents. As such, this A-lister deserves to boast its several accolades as the Cannabis Cup winner for years.

Sour Jack Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Sour Diesel x Jack Herer
Sativa / Indica Ratio 50/50
THC % 20% to 22%
CBD % 0.1% to 0.22%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 10 weeks
Average Yield 350 to 450 g/sqm / 450 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Sour Jack’s flavor profile is packed with all things invigorating – notes of lemon peel sit at the forefront, adding some zest to tired and thirsty spirits. Some hints of freshly-squeezed lime add a sour kick, while the natural sweetness of orange slices steadies the acidity of the flavors.

Indeed, this tropical ganja blends together and creates a smoothie that is easy to toke. On that note, it’s underlined with a gasoline-like odor that revs up the overall experience. Indeed, all these flavors play together to create the ultimate pick-me-up joint.

Sour Jack Odor and Flavors

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At first glance, this may seem like anyone’s typical hybrids. But upon closer inspection, Sour Jack can be considered as a moët of marijuana as it delivers a high that is truly elevating and elegant.

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Moreover, its sour punch can head slam users to the ground. While some expect to stay down, users are filled with an adrenaline rush that puts them back on their feet with a more solid sense of purpose. Additionally, its euphoric, instantaneous high mentally prepares users for the long day ahead.

Furthermore, it maximizes their energy by keeping things clear and focused for users. With a contained verve, expect to impress the boss with this newfound productivity and zeal for work. Who knows, it may even be a positive influence to other co-workers!

However, taking one or two puffs too many can take it a step further from cerebral clouds and onto trippy planes. As users continue to rise higher, subtle sound and visual distortions may manifest along the way.

Many find such effects enjoyable, especially the creative types who are looking to get more inspiration and thrills out of this bud. As it brings a dynamic change to their perception, recreational hobbies like painting, listening to music or even just enjoying a movie session with friends bring a new level of fun to these activities.

Such potency can be enjoyed by veterans, and while it’s tempting, beginners should keep the dosage light in order to keep the psychoactive effects at bay. Additionally, the body stays relaxed all throughout without promoting any chances of couch-lock.

Combine that a high that lasts for hours, then users can go to this for some chill, daytime strain.

Sour Jack Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Being a strain that delivers powerful cerebral effects, those who have low tolerance for it may be susceptible to feelings of anxiety. On worse cases, it may even lead to a slight panic attack. The strong head-centered onset may also trigger dizziness, especially to beginners who have taken too much than they can handle. As such, users should start the dosage low in order to avoid the upsetting effects of this strain.

In addition, users may also experience a mildly uncomfortable dryness in the mouth and eyes. Such reactions are common though, and those who have experience with cannabis will find this easy to overlook. However, while the thirst can’t seem to be quenched, it may be soothed by keeping hydrated at all times.

Sour Jack Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

While it doesn’t crush heavy pains to a muted puree, Sour Jack is considered as a happy pill of the medical community as it can effectively lighten up the mood of its patients.

Moreover, its energetic effects assist users to turn away from lethargy and promote an active lifestyle. Other than dispelling chronic fatigue, this mental and physical uplift alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. After all, feelings of productivity and accomplishment help build users’ confidence and contentment with one’s sense of self.

Additionally, its THC value of up to 22% contributes an analgesic feature that can soothe minor physical aches such as back aches, joint aches and cramps. As it strikes a balance between calming and clear-headed, this strain provides users some pleasant hours to enjoy and fully take advantage of.

Sour Jack Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Sour Jack

Sour Jack is quite a challenge to grow due to the difficulty of obtaining its seeds as well as the lack of viable information about its preferred conditions. However, this shouldn’t stop prospective growers from giving this a go as its genetic background can provide enough leeway to some valuable information.

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To wit, users know that despite this plant being an even hybrid, its stature leans towards a classic Sativa that is quite lanky and tall. It reaches a height of 200 cm, which means that pruning, training and topping are a must to keep it from getting out of control.

Additionally, its 10 weeks of flowering time is similar to that of its parent, Sour Diesel. If that is the case, then growing it indoors may require users to stick to soil in order to keep its growth steady.

Furthermore, a temperature of 18°C to 26°C is preferred. With all that, it can produce a yield of 350 to 450 grams per square meter.

Moreover, plants should be heavily fed with nutrients to help the buds put on some weight and dense up before the last stretch finishes.

Meanwhile, while its conditions remain unconfirmed, its background suggests that taking this outside would require a mild to warm climate. Harvest should be ready by October or November with a yield of 450 grams per plant.

Have you grown or used Sour Jack Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Sour Jack Growing

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