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While most strains have stories that are interesting and appealing to users. Purple Sour Diesel’s tale is a blur not just for users but also for growers. It is one of those strains with a mysterious origin. In the end, people will continue to seek it out because of its traits.

On where the strain came from or who the breeder was, no one knows. It is believed to be a cross between the legendary Sour Diesel and Purple Kush. To be clear, there is another strain called Purple Diesel. This is an entirely different hybrid.

Purple Sour Diesel inherited most of its traits from its parents. While obviously getting the aroma and energetic buzz from Sour Diesel, it also took the relaxing attributes of Purple Kush.

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Being Sativa-dominant, the effects of the strain is mostly cerebral and complemented by its Indica traits.

Purple Sour Diesel Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Sour Diesel x Purple Kush
Sativa / Indica Ratio 70% / 30%
THC % 15% to 21%
CBD % 0.4% to 1%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 9 to 10 weeks / Mid to late October
Average Yield 350 g/m2 / 500 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Both the parent strains emit a pungent odor of damp earth. So, Purple Sour Diesel did not only inherit that but also its fuel-like scent that is reminiscent of aerosol sprays. It also has a sweet and robust note of grape as well. Although it is pleasing enough, its smoke can be a little harsh on the throat. Some people say it gets better after a few tokes, but that is likely a result of the high.

Purple Sour Diesel Odor and Flavors

Purple Sour Diesel Odor and Flavors – Image powered by Mmjmarket.com


Having top-tier parents, it is no wonder that Purple Sour Diesel comes with remarkable effects. One of the reasons why users are holding this strain in high regard is because it kicks in almost as soon as smoking. The same cannot be said of some others which could take a little bit of time before being felt.

This is a potent strain and depending on the batch, can have as much as 21% THC content. So, besides the speed, it also induces an intense cerebral euphoric high. It results in not only an uplifting feeling but leaves users happy and generally pleased. Furthermore, it also provides a temporary boost in energy that is similar to coffee.

The energetic buzz can be very intense. However, as the Indica traits of Purple Sour Diesel makes its way down to the body, it somehow helps keep the mental high stable. Hence, the strain is not likely to cause any extreme psychoactive effects.

Finally, users settle into a state of relaxation. As its effects start to subside, many people feel tired and are likely to drift off to sleep. For this reason, it is an excellent strain to use on lazy days or in the evening.

Purple Sour Diesel Effects

Purple Sour Diesel Effects – Image powered by Allbud.com

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Adverse Reactions

Using cannabis has a lot of benefits. Purple Sour Diesel takes users to a wonderful head high before settling down and sleeping. But it does come with some conditions that can be uncomfortable.

Dry eyes and mouth are ubiquitous and do not cause any real harm. While these are common with the use of cannabis, there are also other conditions that may occur. For instance, some people may feel a little bit paranoid. Either these are beginners who were caught off guard by the onset of the cerebral effects or it could also be because some are simply more susceptible. Other adverse effects include anxiousness and having a headache.

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Purple Sour Diesel Adverse Reactions

Purple Sour Diesel Adverse Reactions – Image powered by Budgenius.com

Medical Use and Benefits

Purple Sour Diesel does not have much CBD content to make it a useful treatment. Hence, much of the medical benefits it provides is mainly due to the combined effects of its Sativa and Indica sides.

The uplifting and euphoric mood this strain induces helps people who are suffering from mental illness such as depression and anxiety. Besides eliminating stress, it arms these people with the positive mindset to make it easier to cope with their conditions.

As the mind shifts from any physical discomforts to drowning in cerebral euphoria, the Indica side of the strain induces full-body relaxation. It helps soothe the muscles, thus, relieving chronic pain and nausea. As mentioned earlier, most people tend to feel sleepy. As such, it is also useful to people who have insomnia or even those who are just having a tough time sleeping.

Purple Sour Diesel Medical Use and Benefits

Purple Sour Diesel Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by 420101.com

Growing Purple Sour Diesel

Even if it is rare to find a step-by-step guide on growing Purple Sour Diesel, it is safe to say that this strain is moderately easy to grow. Though some might say that it is better to cultivate it indoors, it also thrives well outdoors.

A good lighting source is required when cultivating the plant indoors. For a more explosive growth, growers should adopt the Screen of Green training method. In a controlled environment, it takes from 9 to 10 weeks before it is ready for flowering. Once fully mature, growers can expect a yield of up to 350 grams per square meter.

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Outdoors, Purple Sour Diesel prefers a warm climate, but it can tolerate a cooler temperature. In fact, moving it to an environment with lower temperature before it starts to flower on the last week of October is recommended to induce the purple hues. During harvest, each plant can produce around 500 grams of buds.

Have you grown or used Purple Sour Diesel? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Purple Sour Diesel Growing

Purple Sour Diesel Growing- Image powered by Strainspot.com

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