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No way near being an underdog in the cannabis market, Pitbull proves it’s more than just bark as a THC value of up to 25% gives it a staggering bite. However, while it sounds like a rather aggressive experience, the high is anything but viscous. Rather, a dominating body-mind relaxation displays its prowess.

Bred by the U.S. seed company Stoney Girl Gardens back in the early 2000s, their crossing of Sugar Plum and P-91 nails down a stunning hybrid.

Courtesy of its award-winning parent, Sugar Plum provides hard-hitting and lost-lasting cerebral effects that ultimately uplift the spirit. This is the reason why Pitbull is able to cloud the mind with a heavy sense of euphoria, prompting colorful moments of distorted perception.

On the other hand, P-91 delivers a flawless rendition of a classic Indica as users are anchored to a deep state of peacefulness. As it bares its teeth against any form of stress, muscles loosen up and eventually put users to sleep in a relatively short span of time. Such a trait is unique, as other variants are typically creepers.

Pitbull Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage P-91 x Sugar Plum
Sativa / Indica Ratio 20/80
THC % 19% to 25%
CBD % 0.5% to 1%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 6 to 7 weeks / Mid-September
Average Yield 450 to 550 g/sqm / 700 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Commanding and provocative, a rich, earthy base of musk, oakmoss and a natural hint of sweetness from pine cones are balanced precariously against a fearless top layer of skunkiness. Indeed, it is a rather grounding palate, but a pungent kick towards the end make this a bold fragrance altogether.

One whiff of this exotic scent can whisk tokers away to faraway, forgotten lands. The smoke, while deep and heavy like sandalwood, swirls in the lungs rather smoothly. Warm, mossy notes are at the forefront, but a hint of citrus tones brighten up the experience upon exhaling.

Pitbull Odor and Flavors

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A rugged and tenacious strain, Pitbull jumps right into action and transports users back to the Stone Age as a full-bodied buzz leaves them completely stoned in dopey contentment. Truly a one-hit-and-quit type, a cerebral rush immediately floods users with uninhibited euphoria.

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While it doesn’t quite drown the mind in a trippy tycoon, it triggers happy hormones to take over and prompt bouts of senseless giggles. As such, those coming home from a stressful day at work can expect a warm welcome from this loyal bud.

Savor this heavy-eyed strain for an evening of lounging around where the only brain activity required is thinking about which TV series to binge-watch next.

However, once users are settled in nicely to the couch, don’t expect to last till the next episode as a gripping corporeal high takes hold of users from head-to-toe. As mentioned, this carnal onslaught is quite unique for an Indica-dominant strain, making this truly a frontrunner in the market.
Moreover, muscular tension will cease to exist, and the body will soon enough sink into a deep, restorative sleep.

Pitbull Effects

Pitbull Effects – Image powered by 420magazine.com

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Adverse Reactions

Since the high manifests more on the physical side rather than a cerebral one, effects such as dizziness, paranoia and headaches are quite minimal in this one despite boasting of an intimidating THC volume.

This doesn’t mean that beginners should indulge too much though, as the heavy body stone may still cause panic, especially to those who are intolerant to such strong effects. Moreover, experiencing some dryness in the mouth and eyes are the two most common reactions in almost any variant. This is quite easier to handle though, and while the thirst persists throughout the high, users can ease the minor discomfort by drinking lots of water to keep hydrated.

Pitbull Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Packed with a whopping THC value as well as a relatively impressive CBD content to boot, Pitbull really is a medical patient’s best friend. It’s strong, narcotic-like sedation serve as a relief for those held captive by a variety of ailments.

While it focuses more on providing physical relief, its uplifting qualities is still able to lock onto users’ moods without missing a beat. As it clears away the fog of negativity from the mind, those suffering from depression or anxiety may find themselves open to inviting positive thoughts in.

Of course, the strain’s well-loved qualities shine through as a full-bodied stone comes trailing soon after. With such an impressive potency, it can easily crush physical agonies into a fine powder.

Chronic or nerve-related issues such as arthritis are soothed, and even those suffering from past injuries will be able to put it all – even their persisting aches – behind them. Moreover, minor irritations such as headaches and nausea are also comforted by this strain’s remarkable analgesic features.

Finally, long nights of sleep no longer have to be wishful thinking for those who are sleep-deprived as this strain can grant even insomniacs a much-needed rest.

Pitbull Medical Use and Benefits

Pitbull Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by Kindgreenbuds.com

Growing Pitbull

Pliable and obedient, Pitbull is actually quite a delight for home-growers. Moreover, its instinct for survival makes this ideal for novices looking to try their hand at growing their own stash. One of the few posing challenges may be the lack of knowledge on its suitable growing conditions, but regardless, its tenacity is appreciated both indoors or out.

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Additionally, it grows into a vibrant, vigorous plant that is resistant to common molds, mildews and mites. When taken indoors, it grows into a branchy plant with close nodes. Buds also sport a medium density with fan leaves that spread far and wide, as such; pruning is required to keep it at a bushy stature.

It is a quick plant that boasts of a flowering time of 6 to 7 weeks. It yields an average of about 450 to 550 grams per square meter, which is quite a bang considering the short time span it took.

Cultivating it outdoors means the plants are free to tower at a height of 200 cm, requiring periodic trimming in order to allow the lower nodes to absorb equal amounts of sunlight. Furthermore, since its conditions are unknown, it is already harvested by the middle of September with a promising yield of 700 grams per plant.

Have you grown or used Pitbull Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Pitbull Growing

Pitbull Growing – Image powered by Leafly.com

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