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When people hear Phantom Cookies, they automatically feel a sense of curiosity. The word “phantom” is downright creepy yet also mysterious. Meanwhile, “cookies” is always a delight, whether for the palate or the ears. Put them together, and the cannabis world has an interesting strain worth trying.

The dope is not a “one hit and sit” type. However, if consumed in a larger dose, the couch may lock users into its comfortable hug. To experience its brand of high, take in moderation and let the mental magic begin.

A truly versatile marijuana, any type of user can smoke the ganja for different functions. As it can boost creativity and energy, the joint can be a perfect work buddy. One will noticeably be more productive and have an endless stream of great ideas. The weed can also give the most timid of souls a much-needed push during late Friday night shindig. They won’t turn into party animals, but they can certainly be the life of the party.

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A cross between Cherry Pie and Grand Daddy Purple, this hybrid is a wonder to both recreational and medical cannabis users. As it is Sativa-heavy, it can gift a happy mental state. On the other hand, its Indica component supplies physical relaxation. For a mind and body elation, this strain is a winner.

Phantom Cookies Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Cherry Pie x Granddaddy Purple
Sativa / Indica Ratio 65/35
THC % 15% to 20%
CBD % 0.1% to 0.33%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Early October
Average Yield 800 g/m2 / 900 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Just as enigmatic as its name, Phantom Cookies’ aroma can make anyone curious. It is often described as a pungent earthy and fruity fragrance. If smokers would further scrutinize, though, they’d find hints of nuts, berries, and grapes.

As the smoke gets entangled in the tongue, a cookie dough taste turns up. Then, a mix of earthy, nutty and spicy flavors come into play. Overall, this one has got to be one of the best-tasting cannabis strains in the world.

Phantom Cookies Odor and Flavors

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Phantom Cookies shouldn’t be kept in a jar. It boasts of all the good stuff a Sativa can offer which is why users love this strain so much. After a puff or two, a cerebral flight will take off, and it’ll soar like no other. Those lucky enough to get to ride it will enjoy a joyous yet clear mental adventure. A burst of artistic juices and vitality will also keep them company.

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The heavenly psychological uplift will last for a couple of hours. It won’t be alone, though, as the Indica’s relaxing effect will join the trip barely 15 minutes after the first whiff. This component balances the prior’s kick. As such, enjoyers can have calm fun and channel all the energy and ideas without going into a frenzy.

Because the joint tastes so good and the buzz is just so gratifying, some may go overboard with the dose. Should this happen, a psychedelic, couch-locking high is bound to take place. Of course, compared to veterans, those with less experience need to be more cautious.
A favorite amongst artists, the imagination runs at top speed while doped. Even those who are less crafty can make great use of the ganja too. Who doesn’t need the extra agility in today’s extremely competitive world, right?

Not only for daytime or before work use, but the weed is also perfect when attending gatherings. Smokers will feel a strong desire to let loose and socialize. They’d also want to share their thoughts over friendly chats and a good drink.

Phantom Cookies Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Phantom Cookies is an absolute gift to cannabis-smoking communities. It is a must-try for everyone except for an unfortunate few. People who are THC sensitive and/or vulnerable to psychological issues should steer away from this herb as they may get anxious or even paranoid.

Additionally, the joint can also cause a few other mild discomforts. The drying of eyes and mouth are pretty common, but they can easily be remedied by staying hydrated. Some first-timers may also get a bit of dizzy or experience a mild headache.

Phantom Cookies Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

For the most part, Phantom Cookies is beneficial. Its value goes beyond recreational use and is greatly esteemed in the medical world. If taken with proper advice and in the right amount, this marijuana can do wonders. Not to mention, it does not come with the side effects that synthetic drugs have.

This herb’s Sativa-THC duo shuns away negative thoughts and replaces them with happy ones. Along with a positive state of mind, the body gets to also bask in tranquility. For those reasons, people combatting depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD find it immensely useful. Alternatively, the energy boost, also from the Sativa, can ward off fatigue.

Not only beneficial in the mental health field, but the weed can also give corporeal comforts. It can relieve all sorts of pains and aches from conditions such as arthritis, muscle spasms, and eye pressure. This ability is from its Indica-CBD pair; both are analgesic and muscle relaxant.

Phantom Cookies Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Phantom Cookies

Phantom Cookies has three dominant hues. Under a blanket of thick trichomes that glistens like crystals are its buds are of wonderful green and purple colors. Then, orange-gold hairs stick out making it a pretty sight amidst the green backdrop.

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Although it doesn’t grow taller than 20 centimeters high, the little shrub requires experienced hands to cultivate it. And, just like most cannabis strains, this herb needs a warm and temperate climate to thrive. It may grow indoors and outdoors, however, very limited information is available for the latter.

Using a grow room or a grow tent, raisers must keep the temperature at 21 to 26 degrees Celsius. Using a SOG setup and grow lights will also greatly help the tiny plant prosper. After 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, it will yield 800 grams of fresh buds per square meter.

Out in the glorious open air is where the Phantom Cookies prefers to grow. Put it in a location where it can receive plenty of sun, and the flora will surely flourish. In the northern hemisphere, it is important for growers to keep the baby away from frosts and to time the harvest on the first week of October. If everything goes well, prepare to cure a whopping 900 grams of produce per plant.

Have you grown or used Phantom Cookies? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Phantom Cookies Growing

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