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Orange Crush is the embodiment of two incredibly fragrant cannabis strains. And, as insanely delightful of a treat it is, the soaring high it takes users to is, figuratively and literally, on a whole new level.

Much of its genetics is mostly an influence of the classic California Orange from the 80s. As the name implies, it is quite evident where and how it came to have a citrusy orange scent. Likewise, it also inherited the uplifting psychedelic effects.

The addition of Blueberry brought about enhancements on the plant. Like California Orange, it has been around for several decades. Longevity though is not that makes it a legend. Instead, it is renowned for its fruity blueberry aroma and full-bodied relaxation. Unfortunately, these are not traits that Orange Crush inherited.

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Blueberry is an easy-to-grow plant that is not only sturdy but also resilient. Its psychoactive traits may be less evident but its genes no doubt contributed to the growth structure of Orange Crush.

Orange Crush Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage California Orange x Blueberry
Sativa / Indica Ratio 80%/20%
THC % 15 to 20%
CBD % 0.05% to 0.19%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 7 to 8 weeks / Mid to late October
Average Yield 300 to 350 g/m2 / 350 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

On the merits of its fragrance alone, Orange Crush belongs in the conversation about the best smelling cannabis in the world. Although Blueberry is one of the strains used in its creation, its scent is not evident. On the other hand, the strong citrusy aroma of orange with a sweet note takes center stage. Adding to the pleasing odor is the smell of fresh earth that blends in once users break its bud.

Orange Crush Odor and Flavors

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Orange Crush is the kind of strain that can quickly clear the mind of cobwebs and crank up the energy level. Soon after taking a hit, it induces a euphoric mental buzz the turn sleepyheads into social creatures that seem to talk a tad bit too much. It discourages laziness by making people feel upbeat and motivated to be on the go.

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It can be quite an intense experience as Orange Crush, in some tests, could contain an insanely high 29% THC. Although in moderation, it could amplify the senses and sharpen focus, too much and the buzzing might become overbearing.

At any rate, it is an excellent party strain. It helps set the tone for a friendly atmosphere and lots of laughter. For sure, it promotes a live conversation that at times could even be deep or philosophical.

After some time, a sense of upliftment washes over the body as the Indica properties begin to manifest. Subtle yet noticeable, the body high does not have any sedating or muscle numbing effects nor does it cause the lethargic feel. In a way, it blends and keeps the mental stimulation grounded lest it becomes too extreme.

Orange Crush Effects

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Adverse Reactions

A natural occurrence after using cannabis is the reduction in the production of saliva hence the cottonmouth. Users can also expect to have not only red eyes but for it to feel dry as well. Also, it is also entirely possible for some to have a headache.

Another possible concern is that the intensity of its psychoactive compounds might make some people feel anxious or paranoid. For this reason, those predisposed to anxiety issues and beginners may want to shy away from this one.

Orange Crush Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Oblivious to naked eyes, Blueberry genetics plays a significant role in the medical benefits of Orange Crush. In delivering an uplifting body high, not only does it help enhance the mood, but it also helps melt away stress. It goes without saying that dealing with depression becomes manageable or, at the very least, tolerable.

Compared to its predecessor, Orange Crush is not as excellent in pain relief. Still, it can work wonders for mild pains and aches. Some people can also use it to find a reprieve from headaches.

Orange Crush Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Orange Crush

For a mostly Sativa strain, Orange Crush has a quick flowering period much like Indica plants. It has bright green leaves and dense cone-shaped buds covered with brown-orange pistils. The potency of this strain is evident in the thick crystals covering the colas.

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When grown indoors, it is possible to keep it at around 90cm tall. Using soil as the medium also ensures that the plant achieves its full potential with regards to fragrance and flavors. Hydroponics, though, remains a preferred method by most growers. At the same time, it adapts exceptionally well to SOG. The flowering time could be as early as seven weeks with each square meter under 600w of light producing some 300-350 grams.

In the outdoors, Orange Crush thrives best in a warm climate. It loves a lot of sunshine and, without restrictions, could reach 140cm. During harvest in October, growers could expect at least 350 grams of flowers per plant.

Have you grown or used Orange Crush? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Orange Crush Growing

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