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It may not be as fiery or powerful as the Mother of Dragons from the popular series, Game of Thrones, but Mother of Berries is just as revered in the cannabis community as it liberates smokers from the confines of their stressful routine.

Beginners be warned though, it is incredibly potent with a THC of up to 21%. For sure, packs more than enough to knock users to the couch.

Moreover, other than its tantalizing aroma of berries, this strain continues the legacy of its Blueberry parent, known for its deeply relaxing quality that rolls from head-to-toe.

Meanwhile, its other partner continues to be debatable in the community, but its gentle and pleasing cerebral onset suggest a relationship with Jerry Berry.

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Either way, there’s no doubt that this strain comes close to the comfort a mother brings – warm, emotionally uplifting and thoroughly soothing. As such, this herb is an ideal welcome-home bud anyone could ask for after a long day’s work.

Mother of Berries Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Blueberry x Jerry Berry
Sativa / Indica Ratio 10/90
THC % 19% to 21%
CBD % 0.1%
Climate Temperate and Dry Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Late September to early October
Average Yield 400 g/sqm / 300 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Like picking ripe berries from a wild bush, this bud permeates a balance of sweet and sour tones in its initial aroma. Notes of freshly-mown grass are thrown in the mix, bringing users closer to nature upon opening the bag. Rather than a saccharine impression though, it leans more on a pungent tang that adds maturity to the palate. Fittingly enough, its smoke swirls in the lungs as smooth as a titular glass of well-aged wine. As such, the velvety experience is truly intoxicating, enticing users to have another go.


There’s nothing quite like a mother’s security, and this strain captures that experience in a combination of uplifting and enjoyably sedative effects. While it is dominantly Indica, it begins with an initial tingling sensation in the head that tapers into a slow warping of senses.

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On that note, the dullness in the vision is replaced with a bright, saturation of colours. Of course, after coming home from a strenuous job that requires their eyes to stick to a screen for the most part of the day, the fatigue they may have come home with fades away as the mind is restored.

However, its boost in energy is not quite enough to fully rouse a tired spirit. Rather, it simply resets an overwrought mind and makes more room for a much-needed leisure. Throwing on some favourite album may amplify the slightly trippy experience, or users can choose to camp out to an episode or two on Netflix.

Either way, expect to throw caution to the wind and chill for the rest of the night.

Speaking of chill, a physical buzz spreads from the core to every limb, kneading out the tension in the body. Soon enough, users will find themselves melting to the couch as their muscles soften up like molten cheese, and the heavy-lidded eyes will start to feel impossible to resist.

Mother of Berries Effects

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Adverse Reactions

As mentioned, Mother of Berries can be quite potent and can be potentially overwhelming to those with low tolerance to such strong effects. Since the high focuses more on the body though, users may mostly experience dryness in the mouth and eyes. This is much easier to handle though, and can be eased with a simple glass of water.

Moreover, the initial head high may cause small bouts of dizziness to take place. This may lead to rising levels of anxiety. As such, veterans and beginners alike should start with a low dosage to avoid these adversities to worsen.

Mother of Berries Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

This bud may not be a head-turner when it comes to its CBD value, but a bowl of this ganja is known to wind down and ease many users into a night of pure delight.

While the high focuses more on the body, a slight cerebral kick is enough to elevate the mood. As such, those who feel sour from an arduous time at work can expect to end the day on a sweeter note. Moreover, it eases symptoms of depression and anxiety. Additionally, the subtle invigoration also helps in blunting fatigue.

Finally, it provides an analgesic quality that soothes everyday discomforts such as indigestion, headaches, back aches, joint aches and PMS. Not only that, its narcotic tendency allows even insomniacs to have a full night of rest.

Of course, with a mind and body free from worries, anyone would be sleeping like a baby.

Mother of Berries Medical Use and Benefits

Mother of Berries Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by

Growing Mother of Berries

Veterans and novice growers alike would be happy to know that this strain is easily accessible online. Not only that, but it’s relatively easy to grow in their own backyard as well!

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One of the few things it checks off is its natural resistance to common molds and mildews. As such, growers don’t need to worry too much about a little bit of cold as this little bud can put up a fight.

Additionally, it grows to an Indica stature, which sits at a rather short height. At 150cm, this plant can easily adjust well indoors where there is not much space for lateral growth. It grows quite bushy as well, so pruning light-blocking fan leaves may be required in order for the lower nodes to absorb just as much nutrients.

Finally, it takes about 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time when taken indoors with a yield of 400 grams per square meter.

Meanwhile, outdoor cultivation would only require a semi-humid climate and should be ready for plucking by late September to early October. It produces an ever age yield of 300 grams per plant.

Have you grown or used Mother of Berries Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Mother of Berries Growing

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