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Like sucking from a freshly-sliced lemon, Lemon Thai will pucker users up with tart, creative juices as well as a significant boost in energy. Acting as a natural adrenal stimulant, this happy strain leaves users feeling refreshed and mentally restored after a long day.

Furthermore, it was originally bred by Dutch Flowers with a careful engineering of a Thai sativa and a Hawaiian strain. To date, the exact origins may be unknown, but the balanced high brings an impact on users that are without a doubt like a remarkable tropical getaway.

In addition, its Thai heritage squeezed in powerful bursts of cerebral buzz that take the mind to cloud nine, leaving users exhilarated and ultimately centered. Soon enough, it’s followed after by a relaxing quality that soothes any aches in the body without any intent on putting anyone to sleep.

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Indeed, this will truly add some zest to a lot of fatigued souls, prompting everything they do after work to come with an extra oomph.

Lemon Thai Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Thai Sativa x Hawaiian Strain
Sativa / Indica Ratio 60/40
THC % 16% to 22%
CBD % 0.1%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Mid-October
Average Yield 450 g/sqm / 700 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Cheerful and vibrant, this strain captures the brightly-lit Sicilian summer depicted in the tangy notes of lime. An uplifting perfume wafts in the air as soon as the bag is opened, and a mental image of pruned lemons not only comes into mind, but also at the forefront of the strain’s sparkling palate.

A hint of mint adds to its overall freshness, and it spreads a cold smoke that lingers on the tongue, almost as if having downed a glass of sweet lemonade on a hot afternoon. Truly, its aroma complements the sweet and sour flavors, enticing users of the bracing effects to come.

Lemon Thai Odor and Flavors

Lemon Thai Odor and Flavors – Image powered by Massroots.com


When life gives lemons, cannabis enthusiasts know to grab that stash and light this strain up. Bright and upbeat, the mood-boosting high is the perfect pre-dinner treat as it clears away the fogginess usually found in an overwrought mind and replaces it with a restored sense of purpose.

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With this strain, one’s daily routine doesn’t need to consist of all work and no play anymore. Users only need to toke a bowl of this ganja in order to come home feeling mentally refreshed rather than exhausted, as well as physically able to act on this newfound intention for productivity since any leftover muscular tension has cleared along with the smoke.

Now feeling like a new person, users can spend their recreational time working on their personal projects and ultimately achieving work-life balance. Those already inclined with the arts will especially love this strain as it allows their creative juices to stream free-flowing ideas. As such, their works of progress can inch closer to being a finished masterpiece.

While this strain aims to wake and energize users, there is still the possibility of being locked to the couch since its THC concentration stands at a moderately high mark of 22%. Although that mostly happens to beginners who have taken too much – quite an easy feat considering the temptation this strain brings.

Lemon Thai Effects

Lemon Thai Effects – Image powered by Ganjaprops.com

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Adverse Reactions

Similar to any cannabis in the world, no matter how much positivity it offers, there’s still always a catch in the end. Of course, it’s not so alarming that it can hinder a delightful experience; rather, it comes in typically minor irritations such as cottonmouth and dry eyes.

There’s a lingering thirst that may be difficult to quench, but it’s subtle enough to be overlooked. Of course, users can indulge in refreshments to ease it. On that note, alcohol is not included in the list.

This strain is also quite potent, so those with low tolerance to such strong effects may be at risk of a mild case of dizziness, headaches or paranoia. To avoid this, users should smoke with a low dosage to keep any adversities at bay.

Lemon Thai Adverse Reactions

Lemon Thai Adverse Reactions – Image powered by Topdank.com

Medical Use and Benefits

Comforting like a glass of herbal tea, Lemon Thai spreads a restorative warmth to the otherwise agitated and worn-out minds of medical patients. As such, this is often sought-after despite its low CBD count due to its effectiveness in lifting the spirits up, no matter how low it gets.

Furthermore, it beams a ray of light to those suffering from depression or anxiety as this is where the strain’s healing abilities truly shines. As it melts away any built-up stress from the day, the mind is cleared and calmed, allowing users to wind down and stay productive without any negativity weighing them down.

Additionally, it gets its natural analgesic features from its THC of up to 22%, an effective amount that can soothe pains from chronic conditions. This allows users a chance at fully enjoying their free time without any aches stabbing users at the back of their heads.

Lemon Thai Medical Use and Benefits

Lemon Thai Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by Legalweedfly.com

Growing Lemon Thai

Boasting of growing demands that are quite easy to meet, as well as being naturally resistant to common molds and mildews makes this easily accessible to inexperienced growers. Topped off with a satisfying production of yield, then growers have got a plant that is a pure delight to grow.

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However, one should take note that this grows in a height of 200 cm and it can get out of control quickly in a small setup. As such, it is tougher to grow indoors, but the payoff is still worth it as it can produce a stash that’ll last a year-long.

Furthermore, taking it indoors would have a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks and a yield of 450 grams per square meter. Under such conditions though, growers should avoid defoliation as it stretchy plants such as this are already exposed enough.

Meanwhile, this flower thrives better outdoors though as it favors a warm and sunny environment. As such, it should reach a whopping amount of 700 grams per plant by the middle of October.

Have you grown or used Lemon Thai Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Lemon Thai Growing

Lemon Thai Growing – Image powered by Humboldtseeds.net

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