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A member of the most popular family in the cannabis trade, Larry OG is from the prominent OG Kush line of West Coast. The slightly Indica-leaning Lemon Larry, as it’s fondly called, is citrus-smelling like the rest of its kin. With an enlivening aroma, taste, and effect, it bolsters users with a productive but calm buzz.

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Not only contained in the recreational arena, but the weed is also a big gun in the pharmaceutical scene. In fact, it finished 1st place in the 2014 Cannabis Cup in the Medical Indica strain category. Well, 420 communities expected nothing less from this OG Kush and SFV OG offspring. With such parentage, it can surely squash mental stressors and body tensions with just a toke.

Larry OG
Genetic Lineage OG Kush x San Fernando Valley OG
Sativa / Indica Ratio 40/60
THC % 18% to 26
CBD % 0.1% to 0.5%
Climate Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 8 to 10 weeks / Early to mid-October
Average Yield 550 g/m2 / 650 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Very much a part of the strings of OG strains, the Orange County-bred Larry OG is of citrusy goodness. Its buds have a fresh aroma with an air of sweetness. When broken apart, it releases a lemony scent that makes one drool. Once combusted, the joint can fill a whole room of its citrus and pine aroma. Tokers with a keen sense of smell can also identify an unnoticeable herby undertone.

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As the fume swirls inside the mouth, the palate will catch a taste identical to its fragrance. Like a slice of fresh orange, its sweet and sour flavor will tickle the tongue and the inside of the cheeks. Then, the smoke will also reveal some woody and earthy notes just before exiting.


Indica fans who want a relaxing buzz without a single sign of lethargy should put Larry OG on top of their list. Unlike most of its species, this weed promotes productivity and calm at the same time. Users can expect to feel light and happy while getting things done.

Promptly after the first toke, a euphoric cerebral high will kick in. Not the type to overwhelm, the flood of happiness produces fits of giggles instead. With an uplifted spirit, enjoyers will feel like they can do anything they put their heads into.

Larry OG Effects

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But, alas, the superhuman state of mind is firmly restricted by the joint’s calming touch. Although it doesn’t couch-lock, any toiling activity is not possible. The herb, however, allows one’s mind to explore and the body to channel it in a very leisurely way. Many find creative endeavors most interesting. Meanwhile, others just chill with friends while talking about anything under the sun… or stars!

This kicker is best used during nighttime as it has a sedating effect. After 2 to 3 hours or mental stimulation and body soothing, sleep will come for the happy tokers. Still, with smiles on their faces, they will enter dreamland and stay there for many hours.

Adverse Reactions

Like most powerful strains, Lemon Larry comes with some undesirable effects courtesy of its hefty THC volume. TO avoid them, don’t go for a second toke. This is a robust weed that can give all its benefits with just one bowl. Going for more may overwhelm and cause dizziness, paranoia, or even anxiety.

Meanwhile, those who are THC sensitive may experience one of the three even with modest dose. Should this happen, switch to a cannabis strain with little or no THC content.

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Additionally, the same property can bring about cottonmouth and dry, bloodshot eyes. Should users get one of two or both, drinking plenty of water helps relieve the discomfort. For the latter, using an OTC eye lubricant can lessen the irritating, parched feeling.

Medical Use and Benefits

Larry OG has beneficial effects that reach far beyond recreational use. With colossal medicinal value, it can ease several physical and mental conditions. The sweet lemony delight is the loveliest elixir to those suffering from ailments.

The weed can alleviate manifestations of psychological burdens in a breeze. Blessing sufferers with a cheerful mood, their vexation disappears after just one toke. Those struggling with the likes of depression, stress, and PTSD get to enjoy hours of bliss. Meanwhile, the joint’s capacity to tone down overzealousness helps those with ADHD.

In addition, at the end of the trip, users will start to feel their eyelids getting heavier every second. The tired and sleepless will finally get a restful sleep. Guaranteed to open the gates of dreamland, Insomnia has nothing on this mean puncher.

Larry OG Medical

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Moreover, the bud’s munchies kick stimulates one’s appetite and stops nausea and vomiting. Individuals with eating disorders suddenly find edibles appealing again. On the other hand, it halts cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy from regurgitating. Hence, they get to take in the food and its nourishment fully.

Lastly, Lemon Larry can also appease corporeal agony. Those slowed down by ailments like arthritis, eye pressure, and fibromyalgia favor it. Unlike OTC drugs, this ganja can relieve pains without any sort of lethargic feeling.

Growing White Widow

A stunner at just 198 centimeters, Larry OG has a copious olive-green leafage. When bared to cold temperatures, it becomes a foliage of dark purple. Quite prominent, its orange pistils are abundant and longer than usual. Meanwhile, its lemon-scented nugs are small but dense. Because it has rather light colas, its branches won’t need any support. Additionally, the plant has wide node spaces, so this variant is not prone to moist and molds.

Indoors, keeping the humidity low and the warmth between 21 to 27 degrees Celsius will do the shrub well. To increase its yield of up to 550 grams per square meter, using hydroponics and soil are the best. Employing a SOG setup will also help it fully prosper as it flowers for 8 to 9 weeks.

Larry OG Growing

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On the other hand, in an al fresco setting, the herb will want as much sun as it can get. Needless to say, a climate similar to the Mediterranean is most beneficial. Quite the sturdy type, it can also thrive in the northern hemisphere. Sowing from early April up to the start of June is just right to assure a harvest no later than mid-October. If placed in a spot with direct access to sunlight, one can expect about 650 grams of pungent buds per plant.

Have you grown or used Larry OG? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

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