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Goji OG is a sweet treat that spikes up mornings with its energetic buzz. Meanwhile, its rich Sativa and Indica background keeps the central vigor stabilized. Perfect for busy days ahead, it keeps both the body and mind sharp tirelessly for hours at a time.

Its long-lasting and inspiring effects are plucked from none other than Snow Lotus, a balanced hybrid that induces a functional euphoria. Meanwhile, the inclusion of Nepali OG offers a comfortable control over the mind’s lucidity. Together, it maintains a happy buzz that pulls people out of a bad funk.

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It is striking in its terpene profile and effects too, each bud like the real fruity snacks called goji berry as it is both packed with sweet flavors as well as therapeutic benefits.

Goji OG Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Nepali OG x Snow Lotus
Sativa / Indica Ratio 80/20
THC % 12% to 26%
CBD % 0.1% to 0.26%
Climate Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 7 to 9 weeks / Late September to early October
Average Yield 400 g/sqm / 500 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

A whiff of Goji OG brings the senses back to life as the scent of wild berries permeate the room. As though picking fruit, subtle hints of earth are noticeable upon drawing in the strain. However, notes of creamy vanilla make the bud seem like a sweet tart with a woody undertone that leaves a dessert-like aftertaste.


Goji OG’s psychoactive compounds provide a quick recharge for the mind and body which is normal for a Sativa-dominant strain. It starts with a cerebral rush, propelling the mind in a euphoric spin. And, it also inspires a happiness from within that prompts an urge to move as a sense of motivation kicks in.

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The revitalizing effects are only expected though. After all, the herb’s way of relaxation is through an energizing buzz that surges through the muscles. It releases pent-up stress so users stay productive for hours without feeling tired.

With refueled spirits and enhanced alertness, the day can be spent checking off chores one after another with ease. Moreover, chances of going on a mental overdrive are nil as a mellow comedown slows the body down.

Goji OG Effects

Goji OG Effects – Image powered by Allbud.com

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Adverse Reactions

Pacing is an important in keeping the experience mellow and enjoyable. Otherwise, the herb’s high THC content will lead to a distressing experience called ‘greening out’ which is characterized by dizziness, paranoia, and mild anxiety.

Most of the time, however, users only experience a cottonmouth and red eyes due to moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids. Though easier to overlook, preparing refreshments beforehand will keep the ache at bay as it takes quite a few hours before the dryness is completely appeased.

Goji OG Adverse Reactions

Goji OG Adverse Reactions – Image powered by Seedfinder.eu

Medical Use and Benefits

Possessing holistic abilities that appease symptoms of psychological and physical ailments, the string of therapeutic benefits that Goji OG possesses an efficient alternative to synthetic drugs.

Also great as a daytime remedy, its uplifting properties liberate the anxious mind. At the same time, it eases the troubles of people struggling with chronic stress as well as other mental health issues like PTSD. No longer a prisoner of negative thoughts, engaging in productive tasks becomes easier.

Furthermore, a notably soothing buzz brings relief to aching body parts. Its analgesic properties obliterate symptoms of muscle spasms, arthritis, and cramps without the lingering sedation. It also appeases the stomach of aches and induces a hearty appetite that help one stay limber to take on the day without feeling nauseated.

Goji OG Medical Use and Benefits

Goji OG Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by Marijuana.com

Growing Goji OG

Goji OG, thanks to its unfussy nature, is considered a beginner-friendly plant. It has a sturdy frame that rarely requires support from stalks. Meanwhile, a layer of protective trichomes is proof of its potency and resilience.

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It may need to be trimmed a few times though. Although airy, moisture that gets stuck in its crevices can develop into mildew, mold, and stunt bud growth. Overwatering the plant may also cause the root to rot. As such, it is also important to keep the area dry through proper ventilation.

Indoors, it has a flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks that is impressive for a Sativa-dominant plant. Early topping as well as the Screen of Green method will help keep the plant’s height manageable. A hydroponics setup will produce cleaner buds but an organic medium will bring out its flavors. An average of 400 grams of buds per square meter can be expected once the harvest time is over.

Dancing under the soft and warm glow of the sun, Goji OG should be ready by the last week of September to the earlier part of October. Once ready for harvest, it yields 500 grams of buds per plant.

Have you grown or used the Goji OG Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Goji OG Growing

Goji OG Growing – Image powered by Weedist.com

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