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The word god evokes thoughts of something sacred or extremely powerful. Some may also think of it as divine and heavenly. When it comes to God Bud, it is both. Packing up to 22% THC, it is a potent strain that delivers an exceptional psychedelic high that allowed it to win the 2004 Best Indica of the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

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 Not to be confused with God’s Gift, God Bud is a favorite in Vancouver, British Columbia and down the West Coast. Originally bred Jordan of the Islands, it is a three-way cross between Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and God. Since its release, many other breeders have also developed their versions.

 Cannabis users should not underestimate its potential for devastating effects. Ideally, only veterans should even use it. However, that is not to say that beginners should avoid it completely. Just make sure that only a small amount is used and let it bring one to bliss. 

God Bud
Genetic Lineage Hawaiian x Purple Skunk x God
Sativa / Indica Ratio 25/75
THC % 13% to 22%
CBD % 0.06% to 1.22%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 7 to 8 weeks / Mid to late October
Average Yield 100 g/m2 / 90 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

God Bud has a distinct sweet smell that is reminiscent of chocolate. As such, many people simply have an affinity with this strain due to its scent alone. The fragrance it exudes also blends in with an earthy undertone. Although it is pungent can certainly fill an enclosed room within seconds, the aroma itself has a certain smooth quality to it. On the exhale, the strain leaves an earthy and chocolatey aftertaste. 

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The reasonable expectation for a predominantly Indica strain is that it is mostly physical. To that end, some people can be caught off guard as its onset in mainly cerebral. It begins by inducing a euphoric high that leaves users feeling happy. 

God Bud Effects – Image powered by medicalmarijuanastrains.com
In time, though, its full body effects begin to manifest. As it sweeps over the body, it soothes the muscles, loosens tension, and induce relaxation. 

If one were to smoke a little bit too much, then the psychedelic high can become intense. Not only can it cause mind-bending mental effects, but it can certainly leave one on a couch-lock. God Bud, as its name alludes to, is indeed powerful. 

As the effects begin to subside, most people have likely drifted off to dreamland. The best thing about God Bud is that users wake up the next day feeling refreshed. 

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Adverse Reactions

God Bud may be one of those to die for strains, but it is not exempted from a few side effects. When smoking this herb, users usually experience drying of eyes and mouth. It may also be accompanied by a mild headache. 

Although extremely rare, it is possible that a few may feel a tad bit more anxious or paranoid. Should this occur, it is likely due to the potent strain overwhelming users especially those with low tolerance level. Not to worry, though, as these symptoms are gone in a few hours. 

God Bud Adverse Reaction – Image powered by Medicalmarijuanastrains.com

Medical Use and Benefits

If God Bud is a gift for recreational users, consider it as a breath of fresh air for patients who have been suffering from certain ailments. This cannabis helps calm the mind and body easing symptoms of chronic stress. It also can uplift the mood thereby promoting positive thoughts for depressed individuals. 

Its strong Indica traits help ease muscle spasms, joint pain, headache and other body aches. 

For those who have difficulty in sleeping, God Bud may be the perfect companion. Its ability to relax users naturally leads to drowsiness and eventually falling asleep. Insomniacs should find great relief in using this hybrid. 

Growing White Widow

The God Bud is called as such because of its extraordinary look. The nugs are coated with resin and orange hairs with white trichomes blanketing the entire herb. It gives the plant a crystal-like appearance and certainly an eye-catcher. 

While some beginners may successfully grow this plant, it is best left to those with experience. It can be finicky and does need a lot of attention. 

God Bud Growing – Image powered by Medicalmarijuanastrains.com
Indoors, growers have a choice of using soil to produce flavorful flowers. For a more explosive growth, the best choice is hydroponics. Regular pruning and training is a must to ensure a good airflow especially in the tight areas where there are lateral branching. 

The temperature must also be kept at around 18 to 27 degrees Celsius. Before flowering, exposing it during the dark cycle to 10 degrees colder can influence the appearance of purple hues. After 7 to 8 weeks of flowering, it should be ready for harvest. Growers can expect around 100 grams per square meter. 

If God Bud has to be grown outside the house, make sure the climate is warm and not humid. It can also handle colder climates and resist pests and common infections. For best results, use only organic nutrients. If all goes well, it is up for harvest at the end of October with each plants producing around 90 grams. 

Have you grown or used God Bud? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you. 

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