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As spooky as its name sounds, there is nothing about the hybrid that suggests it has anything to do with the spiritual world. Instead, it got its name when a person nicknamed ORGNKID sold an OG cut to someone called Ghost.

Apart from its name, Ghost OG has the distinction of being one of the phenotypes of the celebrated OG Kush. And, with 16% to 20% THC, it can be devastating as well. Apart from delivering the ultimate relaxation, it can also wipe out stress and provide hours of reprieve from pains and aches.

On its lineage, even OG Kush has a vague origin. However, its very structure and the psychedelic high it brings does suggest that it may have originated from the Hindu Kush region.

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The original Ghost OG is a clone-only plant, unfortunately. Hence, instead of depriving generations of marijuana users of an award-winning hybrid, some breeders have crossed it with another strain to produce seeds. One of the most prominent varieties that most people are likely to come across is from Apothecary Genetics – a cross between Ghost OG and Joe’s OG Kush.

Ghost OG Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage OG Kush
Sativa / Indica Ratio 30 / 70
THC % 16% to 26%
CBD % 0.07% to 0.17%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Early October
Average Yield 300 g/m2 / 250 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

The smell of Ghost OG is very inviting as it slowly fills the room. There is a mix of citrus and pine blending with a sweet and earthy aroma. It is quite pungent though and can attract attention nearby.

And as delightful as its fragrance is, so is its taste. Much of its scent carries over with the added flavor of orange. During the exhale, it leaves a citrusy and earthy aftertaste.

Ghost OG Odor and Flavors

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Ghost OG is not that much different from OG Kush in that both are potent mostly-Indica hybrids. As it can deliver devastating effects, the best time to use it is when there are no other activities planned. In fact, most people tend to use it in the late afternoon to early evening.

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From the onset, the first thing it does is to stimulate the mind with a euphoric buzz. It can quickly clear the mind and allow for creative thinking as well as enhancing the ability to focus. During this time, users can do tasks better, so it is an excellent time to finish up.

Gradually, the Indica side creeps in with a soothing sensation that spreads all over the body and uplifting the mood. As physical relaxation sets in, most users tend to feel happiness welling inside while maintaining a cheerful demeanor.

For the experienced users, its effects should not be crippling. However, when used excessively, then it can overwhelm users with a numbing and sedating body high.

Ghost OG Effects

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Adverse Reactions

It is normal for people who use Ghost OG, or any strain for that matter, to feel the throat and the eyes dry. Furthermore, it may also cause some people to feel dizzy.

If one were to overindulge, the overwhelming psychedelic high might lead to elevated levels of anxiousness. Some may even feel a bit paranoid. Usually, these conditions fade away after a couple of hours or so. At any rate, these are not life-threatening.

Ghost OG Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Ghost OG is all about putting one into utter relaxation. In that sense, it can provide many medical benefits. For instance, the positivity that it brings and good vibes help people deal with mental conditions. Its uplifting qualities together with the relaxing high can significantly cut down stress levels. Not only that, but it has cannabinoids that let people manage or deal with depression.

Apart from being an anti-depressant, it is also a natural painkiller. It is best used by people suffering from chronic illnesses and needs a reprieve from body aches.

The psychoactive compounds of Ghost OG are also natural appetite stimulants. Used in a tiny amount so as not to cause debilitating effects, it can trigger the munchies and help people with eating disorders. However, use a little bit more of it and what comes next is extreme drowsiness. Insomniacs, for instance, benefit by getting quality sleep.

Ghost OG Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Ghost OG

When it comes to appearance, Ghost OG is not shy at all with its green, yellow and purple hues. It has dense buds covered with a generous amount of trichomes.

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Ideally, the plant is grown in a climate that is dry and sunny as that of the Mediterranean. It is not a tall plant and will have plenty of lateral branching. Harvest time usually falls in October with each plant capable of producing up to 250 grams of buds.

Ghost OG, though, may be better suited indoors. For more home growers, it is making use of a grow room or tent where one can set up an odor control filter as it is pungent. There is also the choice of using soil to retain much of its flavors or hydroponics for quicker growth rate. Either way, it adapts very well to the Sea of Green training technique. After 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, growers can harvest some 300 grams per square meter.

Have you grown or used Ghost OG? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Ghost OG Growing

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