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Created in Ohio several years back, Death Star has made a name for itself. Named after the space station from Star Wars that can destroy plants, the plant itself does the opposite. It does not explode at all or kill worlds. Instead, it soothes and leaves users in relaxation.

A cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, this clone-only strain became famous in 2004. Although a balanced strain, it leans more towards the Indica side.

Death Star does not only impress recreational users, but it also can uplift moods and manage pain among various patients. It is a strain smoked after a hard day’s work and perfect for catching the needed zzz’s.

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Going back to its namesake, about the closest that the strain can get to the Star Wars reference is that it can knock out people if one were to use excessively.

Death Star Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Sour Diesel x Sensi Star
Sativa / Indica Ratio 25 / 75
THC % 16% to 25%
CBD % 0.05% to 0.09%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Early to mid-October
Average Yield 400 g/m2 / 350 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Death Star won’t be the end when smoking this strain. In fact, its sweetness captivates anyone nearby. It is very fragrant with some earthy undertones to enjoy. But it is skunky and has notes of diesel that lingers inside an enclosed room. Being discreet with this cannabis is not possible at all.

With its very pungent aroma, one can tell its potency. There is a sticky diesel flavor that will coat the tongue on the inhale and leave some creaminess on the exhale. It is like eating a deliciously fruity and creamy bowl that gives a distinct aftertaste.

Death Star Odor and Flavors

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Though Death Star is mostly Indica, it still gives a balanced high that is loved by most users. But be aware that it is quite potent so a little smoke might be enough for the day.

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It starts off by giving the body a powerful buzz that is heavy yet very relaxing. Being a creeper, take it easy on the tokes. Then a couple of puffs more, it leaves users feeling elated and happy like floating in the air, relaxing on those fluffy white clouds while in that state of euphoria.

Perfect for a winding down day, this cannabis works best at night when the only thing to do is to relax, rest and lie down. Its calming and uplifting effects make it a great reward after a rough day at work. Death Star will end those worries in a couple of puffs and prepare any user for a very deserving, restful sleep.

Death Star Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Unlike most potent strains, Death Star can be kind when it comes to side effects. When it is consumed in moderate amounts, users do not have to worry so much.

If smoked too much, users usually experience a case of dry mouth and eyes. At times, it may also cause slight dizziness. So, it is best to drink water when smoking this cannabis to prevent this from happening.

With its high THC levels, there are some who experience bouts of anxiety or even get paranoid on rare occasions. But if taking this hybrid in appropriate amounts, the side effects may be avoided thereby enjoying the high without any discomforts.

Death Star Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Those gloomy days are over once Death Star is in the house. With an impressive CBD level, it is known to be a very good strain to combat stress and depression. Individuals with mood and anxiety issues usually find this cannabis beneficial for its calming nature. With regular use, those suffering from depression find comfort and healing in this cannabis.

Aside from the soothing effects on the mind, Death Star also helps manage pain such as arthritis and low back pain. Those who dread headaches, migraines, muscle spasms and other aches are relieved by taking this marijuana plant.

With its eminent anti-nausea properties, this strain helps patients feel better after having nausea episodes. If used for a prolonged time, the sedative effects start to settle in. Insomniacs find this strain very helpful in preparing them for bed. Its high takes any user up in the clouds and just dream the night away.

But of course, just like any other potent cannabis, this one also induces the munchies. So cancer patients exposed to chemical procedures may be able to regain their appetite when using this hybrid.

Death Star is indeed very handy and a great choice to make anyone feel better.

Death Star Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Death Star

This pretty cannabis plant grows short with very broad bright green leaves. The nugs are also covered in frosty trichomes with sticky resins. Orange hairs also contrast the leaves giving it a vibrant appearance. Death Star is relatively easy to grow by beginners and advanced people. It is a clone-only strain which can be grown in different environments.

If planning to grow Death Star indoors, one must be willing to patiently train it. Soil must be enriched with organic nutrients to assist its growth. The temperature must be kept between 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. The screen of green (SCROG) method is advantageous to this cannabis’ health. It flowers in 8 to 9 weeks and produces a generous yield of 400 grams per square meter.

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Outdoors in a sunny and dry environment, this strain can also grow well. It is not a hardy plant, so too much humidity makes it susceptible to infection. This plant prefers light feeding under a healthy soil and may be watered with compost tea. It enters the flowering stage in the early weeks of October and yield around 350 grams per plant.

Have you grown or used Death Star? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Death Star Growing

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