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There’s a new flavor in town. Dairy Queen is a 420 treat that is a favorite for recreational users for its potency and relaxed high. Just like any frozen delights, it uplifts the mood and gives an overall cheerful vibe.

Much of the Sativa-leaning psychedelic effects are a result of using Space Queen as a genetic base. Not only that, but it also passed on its cherry flavor to contrast the sour cheesy taste of UK Cheese.

Both the parent strains can induce intense cerebral and body high. On that regard, Dairy Queen does not come lacking at all in potential. In essence, breeder TGA Subcool Seeds developed it to provide a captivating mental experience complemented by a relaxing body buzz.

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Because the psychoactive properties could be too intense, it is not recommended for beginners.

Dairy Queen Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Cheese x Space Queen
Sativa / Indica Ratio 60/40
THC % 16% to 25%
CBD % 0.1% to 0.69%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 7 to 8 weeks / October
Average Yield 450 g/m2 / 450 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Cheese and cherry work well together, but it is the skunky aroma mixing in that makes it a best-selling combo. Once lit, it permeates a smooth smoke that coats the tongue in a creamy vanilla flavor with crushed pine undertones. It entices people to get started with a session at the soonest possible time as it whips up a fragrance similar to a slice of cheesecake.

Dairy Queen Odor and Flavors

Dairy Queen Odor and Flavors – Image powered by Grow-marijuana.com


Dairy Queen has a misleading name that makes it appear to be a friendly strain even for beginners. At worse, it is already a very potent strain. And, in some batches, it could also have as much as 25% THC. In other words, even a small scoop of this treat might prove to be too much for less tolerant people and newbies.

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Even in a moderate amount, it acts fast in inducing a focused head high. Apart from clearing the mind and paving the way for an influx of thoughts and ideas, it also heightens the senses. Concentrating on tasks and staying productive becomes second nature. Furthermore, the reinvigorating buzz it delivers along with the mental stimulation not only keeps one active but also cheerful and upbeat.

In time, a warm, soothing sensation spreads to the body. It could be pronounced, but not likely to become much of a hindrance and cause a slowdown in physical activities. If anything, the Indica properties of Dairy Queen releases tension from the muscles. As a result, it leaves users feeling uplifted and relaxed. For some people, it becomes an aphrodisiac that leads to sexual arousal.

Using Dairy Queen as a wake-and-bake strain makes sense as it can jumpstart sleepy heads in no time at all. However, care must also be taken especially with regards to dosage. Exceeding personal tolerance can result in an intense narcotic-like high that includes sensory distortions. Instead of being productive, it might be too overwhelming. Even the relaxing body high that comes later could also be crippling as one succumbs to the heaviness and stay locked on the bed (or the couch).

Dairy Queen Effects

Dairy Queen Effects – Image powered by Potguide.com

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Adverse Reactions

By and large, the only adverse effects of using Dairy Queen are mild cases of cottonmouth and dry eyes. Its symptoms could become more pronounced as users increase the dosage of cannabis. It is also possible that some might feel dizzy during sudden movements or have a headache.

Depending on personal disposition at the time of use, it could also lead to increased level of anxiety. In other words, some people become susceptible if already experiencing such condition before using. Often, it is also a result of overconsumption.

Dairy Queen Adverse Reactions

Dairy Queen Adverse Reactions – Image powered by Marijuana.com

Medical Use and Benefits

Dairy Queen puts a smile on the face as soon as relief comes. With its painkilling properties, it does not take long after the cannabinoids take effect before it reduces or eliminates pains and aches including headaches and migraines.

Not only is it useful for physical discomforts, but it is also just as valuable in helping people cope with depression. Its ability to uplift the mood, for instance, takes away the negativities. And, as the soothing Indica traits sweep into the body, it leaves people feeling relaxed. For this reason, many people, including recreational users, find a reprieve from daily stress with its use.

Throughout the psychedelic high, the hybrid leaves people feeling revitalized. Dairy Queen, oozing with energy, helps ward off fatigue to allow people to finish tasks. And, during the latter stages, the soothing body effects gently ease one to chill.

Dairy Queen Medical Use and Benefits

Dairy Queen Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by Potguide.com

Growing Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen should prove to be quite a treat for beginners. After all, it is an easy-to-grow strain. It is a resilient plant that produces high yields regardless if planted indoors or outdoors.

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A short plant with a bushy structure, it should fit even in small grow rooms. It thrives equally well in soil or in hydro and is adaptable to the sea of green set up. Once the stems and branches stretch, growers will have to trim the fan leaves. Besides allowing light to reach the lower parts, it also promotes better air circulation. The flowering time takes 8 to 10 weeks. Once ready for harvest, it could yield up to 450 grams per square meter.

Meanwhile, growers could also plant Dairy Queen outdoors so long as it is in a warm environment. It loves plenty of sunshine but also needs ample shading. By the third week of October, each plant would have produced some 450 grams of buds.

Have you grown or used Dairy Queen Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Dairy Queen Growing

Dairy Queen Growing – Image powered by Grow-marijuana.com

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