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Critical Kush is a powerhouse hybrid that packs a hefty punch with just one toke, and it comes striking with a swaggering 25% THC. Its power is not just potent but could also put even seasoned smokers in critical condition.

Like shocking the body with electricity, it deals a positive current that clears even the most stressed-out minds. Following the source of its energy, it comes as no surprise to say that it is a blend between two household names, OG Kush and Critical Mass.

A Hollywood’s favorite, OG Kush delivers a profound body high that melts away stress. Such trait, evidently, was passed on to Critical Kush. On the plant itself, the size of its buds is unmistakably reminiscent of Critical Mass.

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As a result of this union, the offspring Critical Kush boast of genetics that makes it the go-to9 hybrid for people to use at the end of a long, tiring day at work. An excellent choice for binge-watching and zoning off to dreamland, it reliably removes the negative load off the shoulders and eases one in a cushion of happy vibrations all-night long.

Critical Kush Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Critical Mass x OG Kush
Sativa / Indica Ratio 10/90
THC % Up to 25%
CBD % Up to 1%
Climate Mediterranean Climates
Flowering Period 9 to 10 weeks / Late September to early October
Average Yield 600 m2 / 650 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Critical Kush emits an earthly-based fragrance mixing in a bag of herbal and pungent notes. When properly cured, it emits a dank, musky Kush-like odor with hints of citrus to brighten things up. Like brewing a pot of ginger tea, it warms the body with its thick smoke that tastes lemony with a slightly spicy kick.

It burns with a harsh and acrid smoke that may potentially sting the eyes, but leaves behind an aftertaste of fresh pine that travels through the body in a soothing buzz. It is a refreshment for the soul; one that offers a quick fix for settling an uneasy mind.

Critical Kush Odor and Flavors

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Hitting smokers in a critical spot with an insanely high THC, this strain delivers a powerful, full-body relaxation and an effective mental repose. Like a freight train, it smashes down with an almost instant tingle of serenity that spreads through the limbs, and an apparent ease of muscular tension, similar to that of melting butter.

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Just like a glass of wine before bed, it trickles down the body in calming motions and helps loosen up the restrained spirit. Even while it de-stresses the mind and serenades one into a comforting cradle, it also encourages exciting conversations between friends.

Although the mind doesn’t take off in a psychedelic high, Critical Kush may fog the senses and leave users in a haze of visual or auditory distortion. But in most cases, it leaves the body crushed in contentment. Because of its strong sedative qualities, this hybrid is a nocturnal buddy to cap the night with.

Critical Kush Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Critical Kush is well-known for its high potency, but with great power comes a responsibility. Just like any typical cannabis’ kryptonite, this Indica-dominant hybrid can make people feel parched and left with adverse effects such as an arid mouth, coupled with a case of irritated eyes.

And, like a friendly neighborhood hero, a simple act of goodwill saves the day – in users’ case, it’s the effort to keep hydrated at all times.

People say pick on someone their own size, and a rookie’s mistake would be challenging Critical Kush. When taken in higher doses, it can trap people in a dizzy spell. It also has the potential to induce mild cases of anxiousness and paranoia. Just knowing when not to mess with the big gun is enough to avoid this misadventure and guarantee a happy ending.

Critical Kush Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

A multi-talented strain with a striking THC content and a moderate dose of CBD, Critical Kush is well-loved for its comforting. Influenced heavily by OG Kush, this bud fights like a golden belt champion against stress.

It’s a powerful tool against deep-seated aches and pains, and its anti-inflammatory properties may also numb the body from suffering further discomforts. It alleviates minor frustrations like headaches and nausea.

Additionally, it stifles psychological ailments and inspires depressive patients to feel like they’ve finally awoken from the right side of the bed.

As smokers travel further up their high, Critical Kush will dig a deeper hole in the stomachs, one that can only be filled with a hearty feast. Once the munchies kick in, there’s no stopping the craving for a healthy meal. It’s also a surefire way to lull insomniacs to a deep, dreamless rest – the kind that leaves lasting energizing effects long after smokers have roused.

Critical Kush Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Critical Kush

Critical Kush sets itself apart by being easy-growing, especially for a high-yielding and potent plant. It develops buds that are densely-packed, and grows to medium height that is ideal for somewhat limited spaces.

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It flourishes under warmer climates of 20 to 26 degrees Celsius, and blooms throughout the summer. After about 9 to 10 weeks of flowering time, growers can expect an average yield of 600 g per plant when grown outdoors.

It’s quite a wonderfully speedy hybrid, allowing for a quick turnaround for a hearty harvest. Outdoors, expect a yield of 600 grams per plant by the second week of October.

Have you grown or used Critical Kush? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Critical Kush Growing

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