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A fine mesh of Sativa and Indica effects, Clementine is a darling herb to smoke for its energizing kick complemented by its zesty flavors. Its comedown maintains the same vibrancy in spite being totally relaxing. Rather than kneading the muscles into mush, it extends stamina even after the last puff.

Thought-provoking yet calming, Clementine is delicious as a morning treat for its get-up-and-go qualities. However, it can be used during free days for some languid contemplation.

Breeders from the Crocket Family Farms developed it using iconic breeding strains. Lemon Skunk delivers a relaxing boost that complements Tangie’s refreshing energy boost. And, in combining the two, the company produced a tropical tang that delivers a full-sensory experience that solidified Clementine’s rise to popularity.

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Such exotic yet universally appealing traits have not gone unnoticed either as the Sativa-leaning bud garnered second place in the title of Best Sativa during the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2015.

Clementine Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Tangie x Lemon Skunk
Sativa / Indica Ratio 60/40
THC % 15% to 20%
CBD % 1%
Climate Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Mid-October
Average Yield 300 g/sqm / 430 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Cheerful and vibrant, Lemon permeates tangy notes of zest and lime around the room as soon as the bag is opened. Its pungent freshness captures the feeling of summer while its citric notes add an extra kick. Its flavors are just as invigorating, only with an added spice from crushed pinecones in its aftertaste.


Clementine is as energizing as its smells. Its stimulating yet soothing effects harmonizes both its Sativa and Indica genes well. Beginning with a euphoric head high, it clears a pathway for happiness to envelop users. It empties lingering troubles that may be rotting away self-confidence.

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As the mental effects persist, it will push one out of a creative rut that motivates users. No longer racing with problems, ideas parade into the mind. Engaging in unconventional solutions will open enriching possibilities.

The good vibrations gradually spill over to the rest of the body. It is an uplifting, tingling buzz that kneads away any tension in the muscles that may have built-up over time. Though it tranquilizes users, it keeps one limber and ready to take on the mind’s productive whims.

Clementine Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Due to its rather mellow onset, many underestimate Clementine’s potency and consume more than recommended. The side effects normally turn up as the high intensifies in the form of either anxious thoughts of a headache. Another possibility is a subtle feeling of paranoia, which is guaranteed to overpower those with low tolerance to THC.

Used in moderation, however, only a cottonmouth and dry eyes are to be expected. Thankfully, simply drinking lots of fluids like water will help soothe the ache in one’s throat.

Clementine Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

Providing sweet relief to those in need of a mental and physical reprieve, Clementine is a tasty alternative to prescription medication. Not to mention, its effects are quicker and enjoyable too.

The revitalizing onset it induces, for example, stimulates the production of happy hormones. In this manner, it successfully brightens up the mood even after a stressful day. Replacing negativity with euphoria, it successfully calms down a racing mind from overwhelming anxiety. As such, the Sativa-dominant bud can also be used to temporarily relieves symptoms of depression, PTSD, along with other mental health issues.

Meanwhile, its physically soothing buzz are highlighted by the analgesic qualities that are delivered by its potent THC levels. It numbs the limbs and relieves debilitating aches caused by fatigue, arthritis, and headaches down to the bone.

Clementine Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Clementine

Clementine is a robust plant that is easy enough to handle. It can withstand common diseases and molds while its bitter leaves deter a different types of pests. For this reason, it is easier to leave around even in less than ideal conditions.

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However, it may need support as its tall and lanky build of up to 200 cm might break off when fazed by winds. Pruning is also necessary to encourage bud growth as well as improve nutrient distribution. At the same time, it will control its height in tight spaces.

Because it stretches impressively during the flowering phase, lower nodes will require ample light and air to produce buds that are at par with branches from the top. Apart from trimming, growers may opt to bend the plant or install stronger ventilation systems. Organic mediums like soil will enhance flavor and aroma but a hydroponics setup hastens the growing process.

Indoors, its pungent odor can fill up the room quickly as soon as the lemon-scented buds mature. Although, it may be dampened using carbon air filters. Under constant temperature of 21 to 27°C, the plant will flower within 8 to 9 weeks before producing an average of 300 grams per square meter. Growers may also utilize the Screen of Green setup to produce higher yields.

A lover of sunlight, this plant flourishes in a Mediterranean climate where it can grow as much as it wants. Once mature, its yields are more rewarding, reaching up to 430 grams per plant by the middle of October.

Have you grown or used the Clementine Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Clementine Growing

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