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Over the years, Chemdawg (also called Chem Dawg) has made a name for itself. It is one of those very potent strains that come with a very intriguing heritage. There are a lot of urban legends and mysterious reports that speak of its origin. Some say that the reason for the vagueness is because the breeders have cultivated it in full secrecy. 

 One story that keeps floating around is that a breeder called Chemdog received some unknown buds. It also happened that some of these buds contained seeds, and these were later grown and what became known as Chemdawg. Whatever the buds were, it will never be known. Experts do seem to agree that the original strain likely originated from a Thai and a Nepalese landrace strain. 

Nowadays, the original strain may no longer exist. Instead, there are several breeders and seed banks with their variants. Regardless, Chemdawg is often cited as one of the parents in two prominent families of lineages – Diesel and OG. 

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 It is likely that the true origin of Chemdawg may never be known. If anything, its mysterious past makes for a good conversation during sessions. Nevertheless, it has certainly made its mark in the market especially in the medical cannabis community. 

 Chemdawg has very high THC levels. As such, many people and especially the beginners are caught off guard even with only a couple of tokes. Besides being highly potent, it is also noted for its pungent aroma. 

Chemdawg Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Thai x Nepalese
Sativa / Indica Ratio 45 / 55
THC % 18% to 26%
CBD % 0.1%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 7 to 9 weeks / Early October
Average Yield 800 g/m2 / 1,000 g/plant

Odor and Flavors 

With its strong and very distinct aroma, one can surmise that Chemdawg can deliver an intense experience. The pungent odor of diesel and skunk with a note of pine can reach as far as several meters away. In essence, it can quickly fill up the room without even combusting some herbs. 

Chemdawg Odor and Flavors

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Upon smoking, the rich flavor of fuel contrasted by herbs and lemon is reminiscent of Pinesol. A spicy aftertaste helps in making the smoke feel smoother on the throat. 


Chemdawg’s THC content is on the high side so marijuana newbies, watch out. Its effects are intense and can cause a heavy-hitting high. It first focuses on uplifting the mood resulting in an overwhelming sense of happiness. Furthermore, it also adds a boost to creative thinking. For many people, this is enhanced by a heightened ability to focus. 

The strain delivers an exceptional mental high. Even so, it tilts more towards the Indica side. For that reason, as users bask in the glorious cerebral head high, this hybrid creeps into the body gently at first before hitting hard. Once it does, not only does it release the tension from the body, it also induces a sedating full-body relaxing effect. As a result, the users who were feeling motivated and energetic slows down as laziness sets in. In many instances, it triggers a couch-lock. 

Chemdawg Effects

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Adverse Reactions 

Using cannabis leads to feeling the throat dry. Many people also experience having red eyes. Of course, that is to be expected with the use of Chemdawg. However, because of its potency, the symptoms of these adverse effects are likely to be more pronounced. 

Because of the intense cerebral euphoria and ebbing buzz, some users may also feel dizzy or have a mild headache. In rare instances, it is also known to cause a few people to feel more anxious or paranoid. People who are already dealing with anxiety or panic disorder should avoid using this strain. 

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Chemdawg Adverse Reaction

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Medical Use and Benefits

The exceptionally potent cerebral high induced by Chemdawg has a ton of benefit to medical cannabis users. Its ability to alter behavior is of great value to people having a hard time coping with depression and related mental disorders. Instead of finding themselves in a dark hole, the strain clears the mind and induces a euphoric feeling. Feeling uplifted, it also results in users feeling less stress. 

As users focus more on the positivity, the sedating body high also helps people deal with muscle spasms as well as pains caused by chronic illnesses. For a few hours, it gives comforts to patients who have to suffer from non-stop discomforts. 

Chemdawg Medical Use and Benefits

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Following the full-body relaxation, users tend to sleep. As such, this strain is excellent in combating insomnia. It does put users in a dilemma as it can also stimulate the appetite. Feeling completely relaxed, it is not likely that many users will get up to eat. With that, it sets the stage for a hearty breakfast the following day. 

Growing Chemdawg 

 Its name may seem laid back, and happy go lucky, but only experienced and well-equipped users can grow it to its optimum. Most especially in an indoor environment, growers will need to control the humidity so as not to make it conducive to the growth of mold and mildew. Even when grown outdoors, it is not the easiest hybrid to nurture as it can be picky and requires a lot more attention. Regardless of which environment, under expert care, it can produce a bountiful harvest of dark green nugs with hints of orange hairs. 

 Inside the house and if placed inside a tent or box, the plant should be kept short. Because of its Indica structure, it tends to grow bushy with several branches and long internodes. Pruning and trimming are needed to allow for ventilation and letting light reach the otherwise covered parts. It is also highly adaptable to the Screen of Green training method. While planting it using soil as a medium result in richer flavors, growing it with hydroponics will lead to more explosive growth. Flowering time is between 7 to 9 weeks with each square meter producing up to 800 grams of buds. 

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 Outdoors, Chemdawg thrives best in a warm climate. Flowering time occurs in the early parts of October with each plant capable of producing up to 1,000 grams. 

 Have you grown or used Chemdawg? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you. 

Chemdawg Growing

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