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Lighting up the room with its sanguine nature, Canna-Tsu is a powerfully balanced strain that delivers a profound sense of resolution to users. With a rare one to one ratio of CBD to THC, this strain embodies the subtle yet evident effects of a cup of medicinal herbal tea.

Truly a grounding experience, a sip – or in this case, a toke can brew up happiness and utter relaxation without blasting the mind off over cerebral skies. As it doesn’t put anyone in that classic stoned feeling, a warm glow from this strain simply offers relief more than anything.

Prized for its immense medicinal qualities, its roots have combined two CBD-rich parents that have made this lovechild versatile, laidback and have lots of reasons to be truly loved. On that note, it is with Cannatonic where it has gotten its promotion of mental clarity as well as its mood-boosting qualities.

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Meanwhile, Sour Tsunami clears away dark clouds as it soothes any shadowing aches in users. Furthermore, it keeps things in line and focused, ultimately brightening up their thoughts. Not only that, its aromatic lemon twist adds to the overall invigorating experience. Indeed, this is a delightful hybrid for newbies to tune into a world of 420 thrills.

Canna-Tsu Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Cannatonic x Sour Tsunami
Sativa / Indica Ratio 50/50
THC % 8% to 11%
CBD % Up to 10%
Climate Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 9 to 10 weeks / Middle to late October
Average Yield 400 g/sqm / 300 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Taking cures from aromas of freshly-cut grass, lemon peels and the salty breeze of summer create this playful yet captivating profile. A deep, earthly base sits at the core, sprinkled with wooden shavings and zest to brighten up the otherwise humble fragrance.

Its flavors are as wakeful as it reels in a creamy smoke with a spicy kick upon exhaling. On the aftertaste, a sweet and sour tang lingers on the tongue, truly making it a refreshing experience.

Canna-Tsu Odor and Flavors

Canna-Tsu Odor and Flavors – Image powered by


Canna-Tsu might not provide a thrilling ride, but it’s a tame experience that still has people lined up for its engaging effects. Boasting of a CBD of up to 10% matched with a THC equal to it, this is mellow experience that can be fun for beginners and veterans alike.

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Moreover, it delivers a high that doesn’t take the mind over cloud nine; rather, a gentle buzz melts over the body as quick as cotton-candy. Indeed, it is a treat that produces sweet, soothing effects that coats users from head-to-toe.

What makes this even more delicious is it increases brain function and mental clarity, making it perfect for use any time of day. If anything, it can also improve the ability to concentrate and put users in the mood to be productive.

Additionally, the high CBD content flushes out any stressful toxins from the users’ system, leaving more room for motivation to grow. After all, with a relaxed body and uplifted spirits, anyone would feel like they can conquer anything – may it be work-related tasks, household chores or simply some personal projects.

A bowl of this ganja will certainly make people feel like themselves – only better.

Canna-Tsu Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Due to its moderate THC value, chances of being hypersensitive to such effects are small. As such, users can enjoy this strain without the risk of spiraling out of control and losing to rising feelings of paranoia.

However, some users can still experience mild headaches or dizziness. This just goes to show that even with low concentrations; users should always start with low dosages.

Perhaps the only eminent adversities when toking this are cottonmouth and dry eyes, two of which are so common that it is found in almost any variant. This is easy enough to ignore, but taking lots of fluids will definitely ease this discomfort.

Canna-Tsu Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

While it isn’t an extreme experience for recreational users, Canna-Tsu acts as the main attraction for medical patients queued up to briefly escape their ailments. Its whopping CBD of up to 10% has gained its extensive recognition due to its assistance in relieving users without any risks of clouding the mind.

As such, its therapeutic benefits and non-psychoactive properties make for the ultimate stress-busting combo. Moreover, its mood-boosting qualities work its magic as it effectively helps clear the mind and encourage those suffering from mental disorders to see the brighter side of things.

Additionally, all forms of anxiety are thrown out the window once users take a whiff out of this strain. Thus, it calms down those with PTSD, bipolar as well as paranoia. It also delivers a significant boost in energy that not only helps ease chronic fatigue, but also act as a strong backbone for users to stand tall and make use of this newfound zeal for life.

Also, this strain acts as a crucial element in relaxing the mind and body. Its healing properties take it a step further as its THC content accentuate its anti-inflammatory properties, completely soothing conditions such as muscle spasms, cramps and chronic back aches.

Now mentally and physically restored to its peak, users are able to seize the opportunities of their day.

Canna-Tsu Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Canna-Tsu

Canna-Tsu makes for a relatively simple plant to crop, primarily because it is naturally resistant to most common molds and powdery mildews. Other than its low-maintenance personality, it also isn’t picky with its growing conditions as it can adjust well within indoor or outdoor environments.

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Furthermore, it grows into a moderately short height, leaning more on width and a bushy stature that is similar to a classic indica crop. As such, this hybrid can thrive well within constricted spaces. Since it grows into a rather compact form, topping it may be necessary in order for the lower nodes to take in as much light as well.

On that note, growing it indoors provides the option of hydroponic or soil growth methods, so long as the humidity levels are maintained and air ventilation is plentiful. Typically, its flowering time takes about 9 to 10 weeks before producing a yield of 400 grams per square meter.

Meanwhile, cultivating it outdoors would require a consistently temperate and Mediterranean climate. Harvest time usually falls around the middle to the end of October, just before the colder season begins to settle in. Additionally, it delivers an average yield of 300 grams per plant.

While the yields aren’t so impressive, it’s more than satisfactory considering the minimal efforts taken for it to grow to fruition.

Have you grown or used Canna-Tsu Strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Canna-Tsu Growing

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