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Nothing beats the aroma of a good Kush. It comes with the scent of banana blending in with the unique Kush flavors that have made the OG family one of the most prominent lineages in cannabis.

The breeder of Banana Kush is unknown. There is another breeder who called a new hybrid by the same name, but it has since been corrected and renamed. What we do know is that the featured strain comes from three prominent families in the world of cannabis.

One of its parents is Ghost OG. It is a hybrid that has won many Cannabis Cup awards. Among its notable traits is its ability to relieve people of stress. Ghost OG is also a cut of OG Kush, the same strain that has bred countless other hybrids in the West Coast of USA.

Its other parent, Skunk Haze, is a marriage of two prominent lines. It represents the best of Skunk and Haze by delivering a relaxing sensation to the whole body. Along with it, it also brings several benefits to medical cannabis users.

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Banana Kush takes the best traits of its parent strains. One thing we can say is that it not only lived up to expectations. Judging from how users talked about this hybrid, it has exceeded even the highest expectations.

Banana Kush Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Ghost OG x Skunk Haze
Sativa / Indica Ratio 40% / 60%
THC % 12% to 18%
CBD % 1.04%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Early October
Average Yield 500 g/m2 / 600 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Eating bananas is a matter of reference. But the mild odor of one is accepted as universally pleasing. Just like the fruits people pick from orchards or farms, Banana Kush stands out due to its fragrance alone. It boasts of a unique aroma that adds the refreshing scent of the tropics to the fresh smell of earth.

The pungent odor it emits as soon as users break down the buds is a sign of things to come. In one puff, a creamy texture and fruity taste cling to the palate. Users often describe the flavors of the strain as very appealing and one that denotes a luxurious smoking experience.

Banana Kush Odor and Flavors

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Some strains appear to be sweet and innocent. Certainly, Banana Kush is one of them. Granted that it does deliver a gentle hit, it can also be quite an intense experience. Of course, that depends on the amount used.

At its onset, users mostly feel the effects of its smaller Sativa side. It begins with a mild uplifting buzz that swings the mood to that of happiness. Many of its users may also end up feeling euphoric. Such positive emotion results in lesser inhibitions as users now tend to be sociable. Besides being friendlier and more talkative, Banana Kush also induces mental clarity and helps unlock creativity. Even when people overuse the strain, it does not lead to the mind racing wildly as its Indica traits serve as an anchor.

Once the physical effects kick in, it is but natural for the users to find themselves in deep relaxation. Still, most people can will themselves into staying productive. However, Overindulgence is likely going to result in a couch-lock and falling asleep. Even so, the beauty of using Banana Kush is that it does not cause any psychedelic or narcotic-like effects.

Banana Kush Effects

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Adverse Reactions

Banana Kush is not any different from other cannabis strains in that it can cause some unwanted reactions. Because it does possess a high level of THC, it may lead to some people overusing it. Bear in mind, though, that even if used in moderation, some symptoms can occur such as dry mouth and to a much lesser degree, dry eyes.

Other adverse effects that may occur as a result of overconsumption is having a mild headache or slight dizziness. There are also some people who may feel a little paranoid.

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Banana Kush Adverse Reactions

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Medical Use and Benefits

One of the greatest things about the use of cannabis is its medicinal values. Different strains come with its set of traits that can help people cope with mental, behavioral, and even physical struggles. Like its parent Skunk Haze, Banana Kush also brings comfort to the people in need of relief.

Often, it is difficult for people to deal with specific mental health issues such as stress, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. It often feels like being stuck in a dark place with no light at the end of the tunnel. Hence, people with these conditions benefit from the mood-altering property of Banana Kush. By inducing a cerebral euphoric high, it becomes easier to fight the negative thoughts and emotion.

By increasing the dosage of Banana Kush, its Indica traits becomes even more potent. From a soothing feeling, it becomes an intense but numbing buzz that helps alleviates pain especially to those who are suffering from chronic pain and muscle spasms. The same traits also not only put people in deep relaxation but also induces heavy drowsiness. Falling asleep becomes a natural occurrence even with insomniacs.

Banana Kush Medical Use and Benefits

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Growing Banana Kush

Banana Kush not only comes with a universally appealing aroma. It also comes with some of the most beautiful nugs one can set eyes on with its peach-colored hairs around crystal resins. To harvest these delightful buds, growers will have to start by cultivating it indoor or outdoor. Some prior experience in growing cannabis may come in handy as it does need some advanced techniques to maximize its yield.

The best way to cultivate the strain is inside the house using hydroponics. Although one can choose soil as a medium for richer flavors, most growers tend to favor quicker growth. It would be important to use meters to maintain an ideal environment. Banana Kush thrives best in 20 to 27 degrees Celsius. Keeping proper moisture level also helps minimize or eliminate problems with molds and other diseases. It has a flowering period that starts in eight weeks. Each square meter can produce up to 500 grams of buds.

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Outdoors, the plant can reach as tall as 2 meters in a warm climate. The flowering period falls on the first week of October with each plant producing almost 600 grams.

Have you grown or used the Banana Kush? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

Banana Kush Growing

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