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The cannabis industry can be quite cut-throat as top-shelf strains are up for grabs left and right, with new ones being introduced every year. Some rise as hybrids taken from the best qualities of different iconic strains while others are simply improved and modern versions of an old-school staple.

Such is the case of Afghanica, also called Kabul Baba, a purebred Indica with publicizing potency and mouth-watering aroma taken from the phenotype of Afghani #1. Containing a hefty THC volume, it is almost impossible for a cannabis enthusiast not to have high expectations with its larger-than-life lineage.

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The pure bred Indica’s sedating effect is its most appealing quality. It promotes a mellow buzz that comes with a body-lulling high. Of course, its sweet, earthy aroma and woody flavor are undeniably good additions too. With all that in mind, this spin-off continues the legacy of its heritage by offering an herb with the full package.

Afghanica Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Afghani #1
Sativa / Indica Ratio 100% Indica
THC % 18% to 25%
CBD % Up to 1%
Climate Mediterranean climate
Flowering Period 7 to 9 weeks / Late September to mid-October
Average Yield 600 g/sqm / 600 to 700 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

Striking pungent notes of crushed pinecones and dried peppers hit and entice the senses as soon as the bag is opened. Grinding the buds before smoking creates a delectable sweet and spicy mixture with a deep earthiness that adds depth in the palate. Upon exhaling, the tongue is garnished by the delicious and addicting aftertaste of sweet, woody tea.


This hard-hitter has a rather monstrous THC count of up to 28%, perhaps one of the higher ones in the cannabis market. Thus, it should come as no surprise Afghanica packs a mighty blow. Used beyond tolerance, it can deliver an overwhelming experience that one in a quicksand. In moderation, however, it is quite pleasant.

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The experience starts off with a cerebral flight that soars above the clouds. As worries and tensions fly away, there is indeed nothing that can get in the way of tokers from achieving total euphoria with a semi-permanent smile on the faces. In enhancing the mood and clearing the mind, the pure Indica also inspires a surge of creativity that is great for looking at an idea in a new perspective.

Afghanica Effects

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Promptly once the mind ascends, it delivers a full-bodied high that binds one in quicksand relaxation. Like clockwork, the eyes start to feel heavy as a soothing sensation continues to intensify while trickling down to the rest of the body from the temples. Having said that, this variant is best used as a nighttime treat for unwinding after a day to work as falling asleep is most certainly on its way.

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Adverse Reactions

As with any other cannabis variant, a cottonmouth and dry eyes are typical. It is caused by cannabinoids interfering with the body’s natural production of saliva. The solution comes in the form of a tall glass of water that is refilled throughout the day. By keeping hydrated, dodging the arid discomforts come easy.

The intense psychoactive compounds can sometimes cause undesirable cerebral offshoots like heightened anxiety if taken without caution. It usually starts with a temporary dizziness that, if left unattended, further enhances one’s oral and audiovisual sensitivities thus resulting in a feeling of paranoia. Apart from being THC insensitive and over consuming the strain, another factor that can lead to such side effects is susceptibility. In such cases, it is best to not smoke at all.

Medical Use and Benefits

With Afghanica’s robust components, the overall quality of life significantly experiences an improvement. Its cannabinoids, particularly its high levels of THC and up to 1% CBD, provide benefits to users suffering from various mental and physical health conditions.

The strain’s uplifting onset bathes sufferers of psychological troubles with positivity. Not only that, its calming euphoria appeases an overwhelmed mind filled with dread and anxiety. Hence, it is a source of mental liberation for users with depression and PTSD. Similarly, it also acts as a stress reliever that momentarily appeases the pressures of life.

Afghanica Medical Use and Benefits

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On the other hand, the joint’s analgesic quality is great for managing pains. Like a full-body massage, it has a relaxing buzz that kneads tensions away. Together with its natural painkilling properties, it soothes physical agonies caused by the likes of migraines, backache, eye pressure, and muscle spasms with its soothing body high.

Meanwhile, a sedative quality glues the body down to what feels like the most comfortable bed. Its tranquilizing strength intensifies even more as minutes progress. And, in less than an hour, patients fall into a deep sleep that not only refreshes users, including people with insomnia, for the next day.

Growing Afghanica

Afghanica is a short and bushy plant that is resistant to molds and mildews. To a degree, it is avoided by some pests due to its unique aroma and bitter taste. It is sturdy, resilient, and likely to tolerate small mistakes better than many other strains. Of course, nothing short is expected of a pure Indica descended from a line of Afghani that have undergone centuries of adaptation to the harsh conditions of its lineage.

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Because it rarely reaches 90 cm tall, Afghanica needs to be placed in an area where adequate sunshine could reach the lower branches if cultivated outdoors. It usually is ready for harvest by the last week of September to the middle of October with each plant producing up to 700 grams of buds.

Being short in stature also makes it ideal for indoor cultivation. Maintaining the temperature range between18 °C to 25 °C. Not only that, but moisture level could also be monitored and adjusted, especially if grown using hydroponics. Pruning is necessary for better air circulation and for light to permeate to the lower branches. Cutting away dead foliage will also improve nutrient distribution. Under keen eyes and the finest care of a seasoned grower, a typical yield could be as high as 600 grams of buds per square meter.

Afghanica Growing

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Have you grown or used the Afganica strain? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

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